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*People: Your Greatest Blessing and Your Greatest Challenge,Which Side Must You Measure Most?

People are necessary.

In fact, there are about 6.8 Billion People in the World (and counting) with their own unique thumb-print, voice print and retina-scan, that, with the exception of God’s cosmic operations, (i.e. Sunrise,Sunset, Changing Seasons,Water, Wind,Rain,Fire and Earth and Universal Rotations), are the catalyst for how relationships, communities,societies and nations are formed, populated, governed and structured and through and by whom work is accomplished and done. People can produce for You: businesses,products,goods, services and industries bringing efficiency, meeting needs, utilizing the ‘power of their free will’, to do good and good works, yielding pleasure, giving consideration, extending or exchanging kindnesses and bringing benefit to those who are the recipients and beneficiaries of the exercise of their volition and ‘free will’. It is that God-given volition that creates the most profound dynamic in People, because at times, when People are operating in a ‘focused direction’ with the desire for the same outcomes or results, the harmonious and choral power of that focused energy is beautiful, symphonic, even melodic. However, when there are differences of opinions, poor communication or articulation of the purpose and objective of the group or organization, inflated super-egos or the need for Individualism against a group dynamic, there is a cacophony of discord that is often shrieking to the ears and disruptive to the flow of positive energy that is usually the initial opportunity when any one group joins together sans their biases.

Whatever Your Gift, Calling,Life’s Work, Assignment or Mission here on Earth is, whether local, national or universal, “IT” was given to You, but NOT to be accomplished or completed by YOU alone…WE must include the People in the fulfillment of ‘The Purpose’ who have been uniquely equipped to assist Us in making that dream,vision,purpose or intention realized. There are People in the world who have and will be placed in Your Pathway as your vision, purpose, assignment unfolds, that have ‘what You & Your Assignment Needs’ to be accomplished with excellence and produce the intended result. The phases of  ‘The Assignment’ will reveal the people with the level of skill necessary for the success of that phase. As You grow, learn, produce and heighten your awareness, ‘Your Skill Level’, wisdom and ‘know-how’  improves, summoning and attracting to You a ‘higher caliber’ of skilled persons, with the ‘know- how’ for that Next Dimension in your life and will ultimately produce a greater result, revealing to You greater insight of what you’re capable of. The quality of the outcome of any project is in direct correlation to the People involved in the project and their ability to produce at their capacity. Not every person will know how to entreat us at first, nor have our best interest at heart at all times. There will always be oppositional energies that either try to cause us to falter or give up on our vision when they cannot see it or resent the fact that they cannot see the same greatness and tenacity within themselves, but these People too have meaning, as they cause us as a result, to become stronger and often more resolute in reaching our goals and visions. There will be someone else in your ‘Next Assignment’ who’s waiting for You to realize Who You Are and gain clarity on What You’re Supposed to Accomplish so that ‘They May Assist You’!

It is through our trials,errors, corrections and disappointments with People, that We learn who We Are. People reveal to Us who we are because our way of relating to one another, which is our ‘relationships’, telling of our tolerance, patience, compassion, humility, ability to forgive or our lack thereof. We almost always want to disconnect with People or a person when we’ve been hurt, disappointed or injured, yet we have the intrinsic need to go share that pain and disappointment with another person or connect with new People to feel safe again.  God, in my opinion, is interesting in that we come into this world with the capacity and energy to function as separate entities, but we are most fulfilled and complete when we are serving, connecting to, communicating with and discovering who others are and the ways that we are similar and the things and desire we have in common. We have an intrinsic need to connect with People. Throughout and since the beginning of Time, there has been a dynamic of A Leader supported by a group of People. Everyone cannot be ‘The Leader’, nor can ‘The Leader’ exist without People to lead or support and execute ‘The Assignment’ he or she has been given to complete. The Bible even makes hundreds of references to Leaders treating People justly and People justly following the Leader to whom has been given authority or influence over them. People are designed to give and share of their energy, skills,talent and possessions to be viable in life. There is a scripture in Luke 6:38  that states: “Give, and it shall be given You; good measure,pressed down, and shaken together and running over, shall Men (Women) give into Your bosom. For the same measure that You give withal that You have, the same measure that You shall Receive back unto You again.”

There are People that You are assigned to assist as there are People who are assigned to assist You. We must learn the purpose of the People that come into our lives, whether it’ a temporary or seasonal interaction or a long-term assignment that we must assist them in fulfilling or that they are to assist Us towards completion. We must learn grace, meekness, temperance, kindness and forgiveness towards others, despite the vulnerabilities and pain that are inevitable from interacting with another human being with frailties, insecurities,fears and lack of experience or wisdom in certain situations we might find ourselves involved in or connected to with them. Productivity in what You came accomplish and perform on your own is Never an option, yet neither is the eventual need or interaction with People.

In This New Year 2011, (that I believe will be ‘The Year of Stability,Family,Abundance,Growth and the Manifestation of long-desired Visions’), I believe that it is imperative to perfect and bring out the best in You, so that Your Energy will summons, command and bring to You, ‘The People’ that are of the highest caliber and skill level, to assist You in releasing and Communicating To Your Greatness!(tm) 

Please remain connected with Us all Year 2011 as we have so many wonderful initiatives, product releases,events and ways to support and be of assistance to You, Your Corporation, or Organization. Let us know your experiences and thoughts with ‘People’.  Please visit our Website and Join Our Newsletter: , Purchase our Book or Audio CD: “Communicate With Power In Life,Love and Business To Access Your Greatness!”  send us an email at:, or book an Individual Consulting/Executive Coaching Session or keep us in mind for Your Next Event where you need a Keynote Speaker or Leadership Trainer in Communications, Diversity,Conflict Resolution, Women’s or Teen Issues or Empowerment. QA Enterprises,LLC and Abigail Moats,The Communication Expert, want to be here for You! Please remain in touch with Us and come back to ‘Our Corner Soon’!

 Blessings and Continued Success and a Most Prosperous and Amazing 2011 to You and The People To Whom You Are Connected Towards Your Greatness!!


The Communication Expert

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