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*What Is Your State?

Hello Friends and Supporter,

Do Your Core Beliefs Represent Your LifeStyle, Your Choices,Your Actions? When We Understand The Purpose Of Our Lives, When Can Operate From TRUTH. There Are ‘Many Facts’, Figures and Opinions, That Change Depending On ‘Whose Reporting’ , But Only One ‘Absolute TRUTH’-which Is Our SPIRITUAL COMPASS.

We Will Never Please EveryOne, But What Is ‘YOUR CENTER’ Or Your ‘Life BluePrint’ You Operate From,In Your Home,Work,Your Relationships? Is Your ‘Absolute TRUTH’/Spiritual Compass Being Supported,Sustained and Maintained In Your Actions and Decisions???

Seek Peace and Clarity,Once You’ve Submitted Your Spirit To ‘Quietness’ To Hear The Message That YOUR SPIRIT, (Which Is Given By God), Wants To Communicate And Share With You. Don’t Resist The ‘Quiet Revelation’. There will always be ‘Noise’ and ‘Disruption’ in our World, but where You can control Your Environment=YOU, You Must Take Authority Over in order to understand Your Power and Dominion. God Created Us to have Dominion and Rule over Territories, Things and even Influence on Others. But WE Cannot Take Dominion or Authority over what we’ve been ordained to Impact, even Our Lives,Spirit and Decisions If We do Not Maintain or Reflect a state of Balance.

Balance Is A State Of ‘Some-thing’ or ‘Some-One’ That Is Continuously Harmonious, Even, Measured, Thorough, and Tempered.

Continued, ‘Un-Settledness and Dishelvement’, Means that there is A Portion Of  ‘Some-Thing’  In Our Lives, that ts Off-Kilter and that is Impacting the ‘Stabilization Of The Whole’. When Our Issues are Left Unchecked and Un-Resolved For Too Long, They begin to Poison and Filter Through The Portions That Were At One Point Maintained and Stabilized.

 WE Want To Achieve The Greatest Balance In Every Of Our Lives,Body,Mind,Soul and SPIRIT,Therefore,WE Must Commit To ‘Doing The Work’=DAILY!!! It’s Usually NOT A ‘One and Done’ Event, But A Daily ‘Decision Of The Will’ As I Call It. Submit Your HEART To The TRUTH That Is ‘Untainted’ By Varying Men’s Opinions, But To The TRUTH That Is Consistent,Unwavering,Unshakeable,Unchangeable. That ABSOLUTE TRUTH For Me, Is GOD & And More Specifically ‘The Holy Spirit’. Our Spirituality,When Allowed To Operate In ITs Highest Thru US By Our Own Volition and Submission, Is Able To Override Our Clumsiness and Instability and Bring US Peace,Comfort,Love, Joy and Meekness, Which Are FRUITS Of The SPIRIT. What Does “THE FRUIT” Of Your SPIRIT Manifest Like On A Daily Basis??? Uncertain? Confused? Check Your CORE.

If Confusion Dominates Your Mind,Check What Your Spirit Is ASKING YOU…WE Are ‘Speaking Spirits’ That Are Always Communicating,What’s YOUR MESSAGE To The World? “A Double Minded Man Is Unstable In ALL His Ways” James 1:8 Selah. Your SPIRIT Wants PEACE For YOU, Do YOU Too Want IT??? EVERYTHING That WE Can Control, Is A Result Of Our CHOICES Or Our Willful Response To The Circumstances and Situations We Could Not Orchestrate. ASK For The Balance In Prayer,Meditation and Quiet And Obey The Instructions You HEAR, They Will ‘High and Purpose-FULL’, NOT Fleshly,Selfish or Vain.YOU Will KNOW That It’s A SPIRITUAL Leading GREATER THAN YOU,But, NEEDS YOU To ‘Carry It Out’ In Your Body,Your Life and Your Choices!
WE Appreciate YOUR Time (For Reading This), The Sharing YOUR ENERGY,Love and Support For US!!!
Be Most Blessed,Strengthened & Courageous,Operating From A Place Of Peace and Love THIS DAY!

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