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“Why Not In The Private-Space?”

From marches to protests, revolutions to movements, from voting rights to equal rights from the boardroom to the pulpit with equal pay requested in every sector in-between, from improved health care demands including early detection and better screening to reproductive and sexual expression…WOMEN, galvanize, conceive, congregate, come together, cry, demand, plan and pray, for ‘answers’, rights, logic and acceptance and are largely responsible or ‘blamed’, for causing, creating or undergirding every movement that has occurred since the beginning of creation. WOMEN are powerful and potent.

The Holy Bible (of which I believe as my ‘manual for living’ and inspiration), {beginning in Genesis where the ‘infamous’ 1st woman ‘Eve’ first makes her grand debut and controversial grand stand}, commands a Woman, to ‘submit to her own husband, as unto the Lord’, and to display varying levels of modesty, respect and consideration, but Why?;  however, remains the immediate question always proceeding this debate and discussion that almost always leave a woman, puzzled, uncertain, insecure and bewildered and often has a Man trying to ‘maintain the reins’ of order, civility and a sense of strong leadership. Women, are by nature strong and often (as ordained to be), the most beautiful and spectacular of the creations. Women conceive human life within their very bodies/wombs and give birth to these babies through arduous, often difficult and often near death experiences. Losing blood, vital nutrients internally to sometimes hair, teeth and having their bodies externally shift in such a drastic way through weight gain and edema. Women’s internal organs must be opened largely enough during the birthing process, in order to push on average up to a 10 lb. (in dramatic cases up to 14 lbs.) human life/baby with even multiple births within moments of one another, thereafter having their ‘internal organs’ changed forever, to surviving this miraculous life-giving labor process that can sometimes go up to 2 full days!

This mind-blowing and miraculous process of birth, occurs every second somewhere throughout the world! Moments post this event, these Women, who have now ‘increased their status and title’ to ‘mother‘, have the ability to physically feed (with this same body) and later raise these children, provide discipline, education, values, mores or codes of ethics to adhere to. Sometimes the rearing and raising of  this ‘new child’/ these new children, occurs with the Man that provided the sperm seed who may or may not be her husband, yet in much of this modern world from the United States to indigenous and indigent cultures and populations throughout the world, there are nearly 70% of some female segment populations, raising their children on their own. Factors such as race and cultural challenges, poverty, a lack of education, domestic violence to homicidal violence and senseless world-wars and factions, even further, unfortunately, choices of divorce, never marrying, or even in some extreme modern cases (willful surrogate’s), often ‘steals’ these husbands, men, partners and seeds, leaving many Women alone to raise these children that required two parts for fertilization and conception. Other Women, who have not given birth to a baby, assist many women in raising theirs through adoptions and supportive actions, other women give birth to their visions and dreams, and often need much assistance as this too requires a ‘lengthy and challenging’ delivery process as well!

With all of our ‘freedoms’ fought for, acquired and achieved, and Women being educated at higher levels than ever before– assuming positions in higher levels from the government to the boardroom, starting 1 out of every 5 new businesses in the world, but yet having so much further to go, as equal pay for equal work has not yet been fully realized, as well as the continual debates and fights by men (who cannot have a child naturally), over the reproductive rights, access to certain health care procedures and cures, to understanding the ‘role’ of a woman in the home when a Man remains present, there are many things that remain that need to be ‘worked out’. Nevertheless, Women have the ability to relate to and understand another Woman, in a way that a Man could never do. We love our Men: Fathers, Brothers,Uncles,Husbands and Supportive Men Friends, as they give us greater confidence as Women and remind of our beauty, ability to love, and gives Us someone to  share, give to and exchange our uniqueness with in our relationships with them. All the more, Women need to be reinforced often that the experiences that they have, i.e.,  from ‘monthly physical irritations every 28 days or so’, that sometimes alters their emotional dispositions to at later dates in women’s lives of menopause and physical changes in their bodies, to trying to always ‘act perfect(ly)’, when it comes to raising children, maintaining all plates of home, family, work and/or business and spiritual commitments, there is a need to know that ‘you are not alone’ in these necessary life balancing attempts.

That’s why friendships, partnerships, support efforts and coalitions amongst women remain necessary, but all the more reason that the seemingly ‘ever rearing’ ugliness of jealousies, competitions, in-fighting, sometimes malicious and vicious ‘mean girl’ syndromes and ‘cliques’ from television typecast, embarrassing ‘reality  shows’, to school-girl rivals and classism, the way that women continue to treat or better stated ‘mistreat’ one another continuously, must be challenged, resisted and overcome at all costs, because Women often suffer the most and therefore need one another the most, to continue to pray, protest, galvanize and grow together. THESE rampant, aforementioned occurences, are just some of the reason(s) I was overwhelmingly impacted, to create and host on Friday Night, October 12th, 2012 from 9PM-2AM, the upcoming, life-shifting event: Ladies Night IN Empowerment Party 2012!” whose  2012 Theme:“LADIES Laugh, Love, Hurt, Heal, Pray & Connect (TM)!!!”

This event will take place in center city Philadelphia, at the Center For Architecture, and include some amazing events from a Fashion Show to Food, from Make-up Artists to Authors, from Line-Dancing to Belly Dancing, from Confessions to Promises, with Empowerment from powerhouses like Terrie M. Williams, legendary PR Agent to “Hollywood A-Lister’s such as Eddie Murphy, Russell Simmons to Will Smith and Puff-Daddy”, turned Mental Health Advocate and NY Times critically acclaimed” author of  books such as Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting!”, to founder, author and empowerer, Abigail Moats, The Communication Expert, sharing, imparting and empowering with a powerful panel discussion of Women, who are top-professionals to political and civic leaders to successful entrepreneurs, mothers and wives, that will tell ‘how they make it’, thrive and survive despite the inevitable challenges of life, womanhood and in some instances motherhood and wifedom. Women are going to congregate and converge at this: “Ladies Night IN Empowerment Party 2012!” in Philadelphia, PA and will leave empowered, inspired, refreshed and re-fueled, reminded and focused, on why and how, they must continue to ‘Live Their Greatest Lives!” and gain support, new-friendships, partnerships, venture partners, and  wonderful connections that may turn into life-remaining confidantes, to make all of this ‘great-living’ a reality!

YOU,as a deserving Woman, Sister, Mother, Aunt, Co-worker and Excellent SisterFriend should REGISTER Today at: . Vending Spaces yet remain (although limited) for creative wares, artists, authors and business offerings, and Early Registration goes through September 15th for both and we want YOU to Register Today to guarantee your place in the amazing space!

“Spectacular!”, “Awesome!”, “Beautiful and Life-Shifting!”;  will be ony a few of the words and sentiment that will describe the visual and experience, as Women in Cocktail Dresses and After 5 Gowns arrive and appear within the fabulous venue space, ready to receive, share and connect, on Friday Night, October 12th, 2012 from 9PM-2AM’s : ! Register Today!

We look forward to ‘Connecting’ and ‘Creating’ with YOU Women, who are Ladies who deserve The Best because we give so much to the world everyday!

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