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Let’s CONNECT,COMMUNICATE and CREATE Together 10.14-10.15,2011!!!


Hello Supporters and Friends,

There are so many events, energies and occurrences that are simultaneously being experienced in the cosmos currently, some amazing, some shocking, some transitional, some functional, but almost all necessary. Change is inevitable. Anything that does not change, ‘is already dead’. The Body is changing moment to moment, i.e.,  aging on a  molecular, cellular and metamorphic level, changes that cannot be ceased, despite technological advances in skin care,creams, bio and lipo surgeries and pharmaceuticals. There will be a ‘never ending war’ with Man and Nature for dominance and control, but even in that ‘warfare’, there can be a moderate ceasefire, when Man begins to cooperate with Nature and begins to learn the power of ‘Connecting to, Communicating ‘with’ and Creating within’, the space and time on Earth that has been provided each individual in the universe by God and allows Us the option and opportunity to flow within it and to become our greatest human selves, with our Spiritual core being our Co-Creative guide.

There is a ‘picture’ I believe that all of us born into the world,that live for any length of time, are scheduled to ‘paint and create’ on Earth. You cannot relegate this sculpture to the  ‘number of years on Earth’,because so many children die young (preceding their parents), but come making significant contributions and leaving indelible impressions and marks on ‘our Spirits’ and our hearts. Children have begun and ‘launched’ so many foundations fighting and rallying against terminal causes from Leukemia to Aids, to fighting Juvenile Diabetes and childhood obesity to becoming authors and business builders and even millionaires by their early pre-teen years. These children were able at their young ages, to ‘show up in the world’ and in a very little time ‘make some major,loud and lasting noise’, that was heard by the environments and audiences they were scheduled to reach! Children are born into the world, courageous, curious, unafraid and ready to CONNECT, COMMUNICATE and CREATE! Before a child is ‘knowingly’ exposed extensively to environments and media that are critical, negative and challenging, children don’t focus on lack or comparatives,they are usually focused on ‘creating the image or picture’ in their minds, hearts and spirits, that readily seem tangible,accessible, possible–doable, and they succeed.

So what happens between childhood and adulthood, that has adults that are 30,40 and 50 + years of age saying ‘I don’t know My Purpose here on Earth?’ and children becoming even more productive than adults and even their parents???… FEAR. FEAR, shows up, and not only does it ‘show up’, it begins to ‘get louder’, bolder, braissier and even more aggressive than the courage that was ‘laying in wait’ to be responded to and accessed. People do more in their lives from a perspective and paradigm of Fear and loss, than from Love,Power, or Productivity,the greatest creative energies available on Earth. Their actions are either ‘just a enough’ to not get eliminated,fired,divorced or ‘openly rejected’, but it never comes from a place of Peace and true heart. Is that YOU? Do You need to remember and be reminded of how to re-CONNECT to Your Spirit? You were born Spirit and natural, your Spirit is that indomitable part of you that no matter how your ‘knee got bruised’, your ankle broken, leg amputated, your skin or flesh burned or injured, you continued, pummeled through the pain and came out victorious, despite your physicality being altered or diminished. That is the incredibleness of the Human Spirit!! Most people have ‘stopped connecting to and COMMUNICATING w/ IT’ and live daily, hoping for ‘the lottery’, their boss or the person they most resent or don’t forgive to die or work the most basic job just to keep the lights on and bills paid and have ceased to hope, dream,plan, imagine or CREATE. Let us support your ‘Life Comeback’ and re-enGagement at “The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour (TM)”!

I, ‘The Communication Expert’ am a Professional Speaker, Author, Leadership and Sales Trainer and Human Developer and have been speaking professionally since a very young teen, teaching people to “Understand, Then Communicate Their Unique Value Proposition To The World!”(TM), so now being in my mid-30’s, I can state that in my over 20 + years of speaking to audiences nationally in varying environments {from educational to corporate to social, civic, professional organizations and churches}, from young children in kindergarten to teens and young adults, professionals and entrepreneurs in early and advanced stages of their careers to having strong ties and relationship with seniors and elders that are 80+ years of age, I can see and say definitively that there are some ‘life changes’ that change and alter the ‘self-perspective’ of individuals from childhood to adulthood to their senior years. If a person allows ‘the inevitable life circumstances’ that occur to rob all of their curiosity, courageousness, faith, divinity and humanity, they end up cynical, ‘internally clogged’, emotionally dull and just end up ‘reactive’ in the Earth, where they were destined to co-create, produce and contribute significantly TO and WITHIN. This vicious cycle of ‘giving up’ their dreams, ‘divine pictures’ and visions, in exchange for mere functionality,must be challenged. If the person is willing, if but for a moment, to get quiet, still, focused and bring their ‘whole self’ to the meeting of ‘their destiny’, they will discover that no matter what circumstances that have happened to them and thru them, that if they are ‘yet alive’ with pulse, reasonable health and consciousness, possessing that divine ‘thumbprint, tongue-print or voice print that no one else out of ‘6.8 Billion people in the world and counting'(TM) have, that it is yet a chance to ‘respond to that picture’, that image on your soul. Granted as we age, our images get bigger, sharper, clearer, but, you’ve got to get in ‘the practice and habit’ of listening and responding to the first pictures, putting them down, making them visible, tangible, active things before you can ‘refine or sharpen the image’… on October 14th-October 15th, 2011, ‘the picture’ that I was divinely given over a 3 night series of dreams that I thought were initially just ‘odd occurrences’ because my ‘pictures’ to that point in my life had always shown up while I was awake via visions,  but that ‘dream’, became a manifested, tangible thing just 8 weeks later, and was named “The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour (TM)”, October, 2008, and will occur again 2011.

This ‘picture’ that I was given, was created to assist, empower and help others lives, as is most ‘divine dreams and pictures’ given, they usually involve you being the catalyst for the ‘start of change’, but will rally the connected and supportive energy of others who are divinely called to ‘CONNECT, COMMUNICATE and CREATE‘ with You!

I am a conduit for God’s light, energy and plans to become manifested in the Earth that require my unique talents, skills and given abilities, as are YOU!  On that weekend of the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of “The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour (TM) and 1st INTENSIVE, Friday, October 14th- Saturday, October 15th, 2011, various persons will travel locally, regionally and nationally to join their creative talent, skills, unique abilities and energies and will synergistically share in a life-transforming and intentional occurrence. We do skills and gifts analysis and testing, vision board creation, and many ‘actively engaging’, creativity inducing and producing events. Whether you are a thought or civic leader who wants to be ‘refreshed’ and strengthened, a tenured professional seeking to strengthen relational and professional associations with like-minded persons, or a new entrepreneur desiring to ‘get new ideas’ for branding, marketing or new customers/clients, The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour INTENSIVE(TM) is for YOU!!! Please, Register NOW at: to ensure ‘your positioning’ is right and that you’re able to be present to receive, share and exchange! Capacity is limited due to the workshop-style format. If you’re a Business Owner who wants to highlight their company’s products or services that are available for purchase or consumption nationally, consider purchasing a Full Page Color (8 1/2 x 11) or Half Page Color (8 1/2 x 5) Ad, in our Program Souvenir Booklet, whether you can ‘physically’ be present or not by sending an email to and stating your interest in rates. GROUP Discount Tables and Half Tables are available as well. REGISTER NOW at: to ensure your not ‘left dormant’ again and can be reinvigorated to ‘try again’, believe again, DO again! We love you and our Team and I cannot wait to ‘CONNECT, COMMUNICATE and CREATE‘ with You!

*Please, know that I have resources available for You that you can have sent to you receive anywhere in the world by going to to our ‘Online Store’. Our latest project, an Audio CD entitled: “8 Keys Of Communication Wisdom To Win In Every Life Situation! For Leaders and Learners(TM) is 75 minutes of phenomenal keys of wisdom and insight to tackle everyday life occurrences to business, professional and love advice that is already being ‘raved’ about in its first few weeks of release as well as our paperback: “Communicate With Power In Life,Love and Business To Access Your Greatness!”, continues to yield testimonials of success, inspiration and empowerment. If you are a professional or entrepreneur who desires Individual Consulting or a member of a civic, social,professional organization of church who needs a Keynote speaker, Leadership or Sales Trainer or MC or Moderator for your next event, please go to and complete our ‘Contact’ page.

*We look forward to seeing You at  “The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour INTENSIVE(TM)” Friday, October 14th- Saturday, October 15th, 2011 (1 day or 2 day options available) or another QA Enterprises,LLC event soon!

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