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What Will You COMPLETE In 2012? Points Of Power To Consider.

The Communication Expert’s “2012 Points Of Power!!!”

Greetings Friends and Supporters, Welcome to A New Year 2012, with the chance of ‘ReNewing You’!!!
Many of you entered into this new year in a number of ways, i.e., parties and gatherings with friends, family, or on holiday in a fabulous locale; moreover, some of you opened the year more traditionally in a church setting, reflective, hope-filled and prayerful. Whatever matter, method or mode of celebratory activity you ushered your spirit into 2012, I pray you were surrounded by love and enveloped in peace knowing that whatever the circumstances, events or occurrences of the passing year, only shaped you and did not break you.
At the end of every year, I spend time in consecration with God, meditating, listening, discerning, waiting for insight to understand the lessons of the current, soon to be the past (previous year). Upon doing this ritual on the evening of December 31st, 2011, it was then that I received the following declaration:
In this year 2012:
“This will be the year of completing projects that have begun and proceeding with excellence in new ventures, ambitions, and visions. This year, 2012, will be a year of ‘seizing the moment’, having access to ‘closed places’, flourishing in endeavors as never before, clarity from the onset, (when obeyed and adhered to) will guarantee fewer errors and missteps.
Healthy Marriages, new and restored, covenant connections, partnerships and mergers. Old things being ‘fully dead’, never to be resurrected again, with new thing springing forth, that cannot be stopped, hindered, or removed. Victories that have been long awaited for and those that have manifested only in part, will come to full maturation and will be profitable and useful. The things that use to hurt, cripple and wound will be rendered powerless will be of none effect in your life any longer, beginning in 2012, saith The Lord!!!”
Upon receipt of this declaration and revelation, I immediately prayed over and processed this while in a ‘Watch Night Service’, where about 40 minutes later, heading toward midnight, just about 10 minutes before the cross over to the ‘New Year’, the pastor begin to ‘recount’ about a 1/3 of this very same insight!! Wow, that was the 1st start towards confirmation of this special declarative utterance. I then over the next day and half, heard statements and confessions from a several other sources and persons, via conversations and gatherings. I was certain that ‘the energy’ of 2012 was and will be vastly different.
Every day of this new year will be a new opportunity to see new and old things differently, to be decisive, clear, and focused on the objectives and pursuits that can ultimately propel you forward to living your greatest life and impacting ‘your audience’ that you are scheduled reach. Each of Us on Earth is divinely scheduled to make connections with a certain number of persons, some will be brief encounters, others will be seasonal, and some will be permanent and lasting. With the new ‘2011 World Census Count’ revealing that there are now at least ‘7 Billion’ persons on Earth and counting, each with ‘their uniquely given’ thumbprint, tongue print, vocal pattern and retina scan, how are You preparing to make you ‘impact’ upon your contacts with ‘your divinely given ones’? What will they glean from you, gain from you, implement post meeting your Spirit?
What will make this year different is not that you’ll receive a new body, new internal organs or your birth years on this earth will be ‘magically restored’ giving you 20 years of youth to reclaim, but that your MIND, (the muscle that can always be regenerated, strengthened, enlightened and restored despite your physicality), will become clearer, more resolute and fortified against the barriers of fear and doubt in the past that would often not only cripple or impede your progress. This previous failure to choose ‘MIND’ regeneration would in many instances stop you for moving, if only but ‘1 step’ closer towards your goals, dreams and visions! This year you must be conscious daily to ‘train your thinking’, to think higher, resisting the mind sabotaging thought patterns of even your recent past!!
This is why I am offering to you the following 2012 Points Of Power to consider and embrace, so that as the days that continue and follow in this year become weeks, months, quarters and eventually the ‘sum total’ and completion of yet another year, you will have these reminders of ‘The Why’ you must propel forward this year beyond any and all impediments and moments of uncertainty.
Point of Power #1. “You Only Have ‘This Moment’ to Complete This Phase”:
We at any day or time, only ‘own’ the present moment that we are within. The ‘next’ is never certain or guaranteed, heart attacks, seizures and other tragedies occur in split seconds, so it with great arrogance that we assume all things will remain constant. Can you think of anyone who is ‘not here’ in 2012 that was alive and present in 2011??… I am certain that you know of a few causalities, transitions and passing’s of friends, friends of friends, family members and loved ones. They perhaps all were hoping that they would write that book ‘next year’, take that vacation/excursion/world tour ‘next year’, start that business or non-profit within a ‘few years’, commit to that relationship ‘eventually’, mend that breech of family connection and communication ‘stand off’, take control of their health issues, poor dietary choices and lack of exercise ‘soon?’….all of these thought processes have a ‘starting point’, a now moment that once begun and entered into, has enough steam and energy to produce greater results and actually garners support. YOU must no longer say ‘next year’ or ‘one day’, because certainly you understand that the potential for completion of any project or course of action is greater ‘in motion’ and in progress, than for it to be stored and ‘hanging in abeyance’.
Only a few days into this new year of 2012 did I have a car accident returning from holiday with my family and loved ones. I went across the ever so challenging Pennsylvania Turnpike, which is known for its 300 plus miles of ‘close cornered’, mostly 2-laned highway, that is interlaced between the most mammoth mountains and plentiful peaks and plains. The stretch of highway that I was traveling on January 3rd, became quickly and richly snow-covered ahead of any salt trucks or highway safety persons being able to contain its robust showering; in turn, I slid across the 2 lanes, spun around about 3 times to crash sideways (against the only alternative from the descending mountains on my right), into the fortified concrete wall of the turnpike, to end up facing in the direction of the oncoming traffic. While spinning uncontrollably in my vehicle, my thoughts were: “Okay, am I really dying, I just received my 2012 declarations and ‘orders to implement’?!?” It was post my being assisted to total safety with vehicle damage, but no broken bones or missing limbs moments later, that I concluded: “I Must ACT NOW and Often!!!” This surprising incident so soon into the new year confirmed that I must act on ‘the fierce urgency of NOW‘ as our current President Barack Obama states. I as a result am conscious now of every thought, daily intention set and acting as if ‘this were the last moment’ I could be found ‘acting’ on the vision, objectives set forth and aware of my desired outcomes, being even more determined to not relent or ‘give up’, until I see the level of progress my heart desires and my Spirit requires.
It’s not ‘how you start’, but that you started in order to ‘complete’ something! It is okay to plan, prepare and lay out a course of action, yet, it is most important and critical that You Take ACTION NOW!!! Let’s move!!
Point of Power #2. “You Must Accept That Everything Is Changing, Therefore You Must”:
If there is one thing the economic climatic changes globally over the past few years have revealed to us, is that change is inevitable, unavoidable, and that when your paradigm shifts, you can only ‘act’ so long as if everything is the same, before the previous garrisons of protection that used to surround you, that are now thoroughly decaying and perhaps eroded so that you are now exposed in ways you’ve never experienced. Oftentimes, there is no instruction manual or mapping to follow this ‘change’ that was certainly not elected by you to enter into, but often we are bombarded, forced, demanded upon or catastrophically pushed into change. When change, (which is constant in some form always, please see our previous blog: “Connect, Communicate, Create“), occurs drastically, you cannot go backwards to what you knew previously, because it no longer exists in the original state in which you came to know it, if it in fact remains at all. You have to mentally train your thinking and actions to adjust to the obvious loss. The loss of a home due to a fire, the loss of a spouse via a divorce, a loss of a loved one through a death, the loss of a job due to the company closing its doors, all require a shift in thinking, expectations, behaviors and certainly actions. How do you move forward? Recover? Re-engage?… You must do it moment by moment. This reality check supports ‘P.O.P #1’ (above), if you try to over plan, overextend, overcompensate for your changes that in some instances were purely uncontrollable by you, you must discover what ‘yet remains’ within you in
Point of Power #3. “You Must Work Towards Excellence and Not Be Constricted By Being ‘Perfect’ “:
Oftentimes people don’t complete the projects that they begin because they are overly obsessed with ‘perfection’.
Perfection is defined as:
per·fec·tion/pərˈfekSHən/ Noun: The condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.
Please note that none of our ‘human efforts’ will ever be ‘totally free from all possible flaws’, because humans are not totally free from the possibility of making errors in business, relationships or life as a whole. Perfection is a futile, vain ideology of many deemed as ‘perfectionist’ who are often exhausted and trapped within ‘their own heads’, because there will always be things that we would have ‘preferred’ to occur or have been present when we decided to ‘take action’, but if you wait for all conditions to be optimal and perfect, you will never act. Avoid the crippling effects of ‘analysis paralysis’ this year.
A safer, holistic approach to getting things done and making impact in this year 2012, is to celebrate your ‘starting points’, follow-up, follow-thrus on your word, intentions, commitments and most importantly completion of the tasks set forth with as much accuracy and truth as is possible and available to you. This is certain to encourage YOU to ‘get started’. Some of us believe that if we don’t immediately have all the money that we desire, the resources, the connections of people or persons with a considerable amount of influence, that our efforts and talents are not valid enough to be considered or significant enough to be promoted, celebrated or acted upon. YOU must realize that everything that ever became GREAT had a start or a beginning, and that if YOU never get started, you’ll never have something to complete.
My favorite reference book, The Bible, states in Zechariah 4: 10: “Do not despise the day of small beginnings…”
It’s time to stop making excuses and blaming others and invariable conditions for the reasons you decided not to move forward on your visions, dreams, plans and prayers, you have to begin to see your responsibility in the situation, because the vision was granted to YOU and not the other person you’d rather ‘hide behind’ and displace the blame upon. It is better to strive towards ‘Excellence’ in all that you do, because this is measurable, contains the ability to make corrections without immediately placing blame or shame upon the doer of participants and allows a ‘window’ of space and grace to do things even better the next time around; whereas ‘being perfect’ always, demands no room for error or room for growth and does not take into consideration the inevitable changes that occur and sometimes necessary adjustments that must be made once beginning a new project, task or when setting an objective.
Once you begin to ‘launch forward’, you will be amazed by the resources, energy and support you will garner from the universe supporting YOU with one of the Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion (Physics): “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Friend, YOU must take ACTION NOW, Let’s Get Started!!!
Point of Power #4. “Be Kind To YourSelf First”:
Being the ‘Communication Expert’, I also teach and state to my audiences that ‘words have energy’! They elicit a reaction of some kind once released from your mouth to the atmosphere. I also teach about the Communication dynamic of ‘white noise’, the internal noise and chatter within your mind that you are rehearsing and hearing within your Spirit at any unscheduled moment. This ‘white noise’, often is reflective of the thoughts and ideas you most believe about yourself and are on readily accessible though a term I declare as ‘easy recall’. Therefore, I purport: “Be kind to yourself 1st, because Your Spirit hears your thoughts, always 1st!”(TM)
When you become kinder to yourself, you become more patient and accepting of yourself, which will in turn cause you to become more patient and accepting of others. Your flaws, imperfections and ‘areas of opportunity (TM)’, (my signature term that connotes the places you most need to grow and develop in), once acknowledged by you, will allow you to begin to see that it’s sometimes the very thing or aspect that you criticize in others. Honesty, authenticity, truth and kindness should be your ‘life’s mantras’, pursuit and method of engagement with other human beings, who much like you are trying to discover their purpose for being on this EARTH and the lessons they are required to learn, master and share from during their space here within it. This is why it will be critical to properly “train your thinking”!
2012 will provide many opportunities for YOU and me to implement these “Points Of Power”. The individual growth, revelation and the ‘knowingness’ of these truths will be manifested in how you act on them. You must take note that you may not always ‘get it right’ the first time, but that you are willing to forgive yourSelf, take action, implement, complete and begin again, until what the ‘original vision’ given to your Spirit, begins to align itself, take shape, form, development, manifestation and ultimately maturation. This will only be because you started to be able to complete….something. I’ll be here, in my space, working on my areas of growth and strength alongside you, looking for ‘our opportunities’ to connect, collaborate, compliment, support and grow deeper with you. I look forward to ‘doing life’ and Accessing and Releasing GREATNESS(TM) w. You, my friend, my colleague, my supporter, my fellow ‘Earth Mate’.
*Please share this blog with your colleagues, friends and family, as well as provide us your feedback, thoughts, opinions and suggestions regarding these “2012 Points Of Power”! We have a number of upcoming events within this year and will begin to share those over the next few weeks and months, feel free to join our mailing list to ‘remain connected’ at:
With Continued Love, Peace, Abundance and Blessings To You On This Journey of Life,
Abigail Moats, The Communication Expert
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E. Gordon, Insurance Professional, NJ
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Hello Supporters and Friends,

There are so many events, energies and occurrences that are simultaneously being experienced in the cosmos currently, some amazing, some shocking, some transitional, some functional, but almost all necessary. Change is inevitable. Anything that does not change, ‘is already dead’. The Body is changing moment to moment, i.e.,  aging on a  molecular, cellular and metamorphic level, changes that cannot be ceased, despite technological advances in skin care,creams, bio and lipo surgeries and pharmaceuticals. There will be a ‘never ending war’ with Man and Nature for dominance and control, but even in that ‘warfare’, there can be a moderate ceasefire, when Man begins to cooperate with Nature and begins to learn the power of ‘Connecting to, Communicating ‘with’ and Creating within’, the space and time on Earth that has been provided each individual in the universe by God and allows Us the option and opportunity to flow within it and to become our greatest human selves, with our Spiritual core being our Co-Creative guide.

There is a ‘picture’ I believe that all of us born into the world,that live for any length of time, are scheduled to ‘paint and create’ on Earth. You cannot relegate this sculpture to the  ‘number of years on Earth’,because so many children die young (preceding their parents), but come making significant contributions and leaving indelible impressions and marks on ‘our Spirits’ and our hearts. Children have begun and ‘launched’ so many foundations fighting and rallying against terminal causes from Leukemia to Aids, to fighting Juvenile Diabetes and childhood obesity to becoming authors and business builders and even millionaires by their early pre-teen years. These children were able at their young ages, to ‘show up in the world’ and in a very little time ‘make some major,loud and lasting noise’, that was heard by the environments and audiences they were scheduled to reach! Children are born into the world, courageous, curious, unafraid and ready to CONNECT, COMMUNICATE and CREATE! Before a child is ‘knowingly’ exposed extensively to environments and media that are critical, negative and challenging, children don’t focus on lack or comparatives,they are usually focused on ‘creating the image or picture’ in their minds, hearts and spirits, that readily seem tangible,accessible, possible–doable, and they succeed.

So what happens between childhood and adulthood, that has adults that are 30,40 and 50 + years of age saying ‘I don’t know My Purpose here on Earth?’ and children becoming even more productive than adults and even their parents???… FEAR. FEAR, shows up, and not only does it ‘show up’, it begins to ‘get louder’, bolder, braissier and even more aggressive than the courage that was ‘laying in wait’ to be responded to and accessed. People do more in their lives from a perspective and paradigm of Fear and loss, than from Love,Power, or Productivity,the greatest creative energies available on Earth. Their actions are either ‘just a enough’ to not get eliminated,fired,divorced or ‘openly rejected’, but it never comes from a place of Peace and true heart. Is that YOU? Do You need to remember and be reminded of how to re-CONNECT to Your Spirit? You were born Spirit and natural, your Spirit is that indomitable part of you that no matter how your ‘knee got bruised’, your ankle broken, leg amputated, your skin or flesh burned or injured, you continued, pummeled through the pain and came out victorious, despite your physicality being altered or diminished. That is the incredibleness of the Human Spirit!! Most people have ‘stopped connecting to and COMMUNICATING w/ IT’ and live daily, hoping for ‘the lottery’, their boss or the person they most resent or don’t forgive to die or work the most basic job just to keep the lights on and bills paid and have ceased to hope, dream,plan, imagine or CREATE. Let us support your ‘Life Comeback’ and re-enGagement at “The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour (TM)”!

I, ‘The Communication Expert’ am a Professional Speaker, Author, Leadership and Sales Trainer and Human Developer and have been speaking professionally since a very young teen, teaching people to “Understand, Then Communicate Their Unique Value Proposition To The World!”(TM), so now being in my mid-30’s, I can state that in my over 20 + years of speaking to audiences nationally in varying environments {from educational to corporate to social, civic, professional organizations and churches}, from young children in kindergarten to teens and young adults, professionals and entrepreneurs in early and advanced stages of their careers to having strong ties and relationship with seniors and elders that are 80+ years of age, I can see and say definitively that there are some ‘life changes’ that change and alter the ‘self-perspective’ of individuals from childhood to adulthood to their senior years. If a person allows ‘the inevitable life circumstances’ that occur to rob all of their curiosity, courageousness, faith, divinity and humanity, they end up cynical, ‘internally clogged’, emotionally dull and just end up ‘reactive’ in the Earth, where they were destined to co-create, produce and contribute significantly TO and WITHIN. This vicious cycle of ‘giving up’ their dreams, ‘divine pictures’ and visions, in exchange for mere functionality,must be challenged. If the person is willing, if but for a moment, to get quiet, still, focused and bring their ‘whole self’ to the meeting of ‘their destiny’, they will discover that no matter what circumstances that have happened to them and thru them, that if they are ‘yet alive’ with pulse, reasonable health and consciousness, possessing that divine ‘thumbprint, tongue-print or voice print that no one else out of ‘6.8 Billion people in the world and counting'(TM) have, that it is yet a chance to ‘respond to that picture’, that image on your soul. Granted as we age, our images get bigger, sharper, clearer, but, you’ve got to get in ‘the practice and habit’ of listening and responding to the first pictures, putting them down, making them visible, tangible, active things before you can ‘refine or sharpen the image’… on October 14th-October 15th, 2011, ‘the picture’ that I was divinely given over a 3 night series of dreams that I thought were initially just ‘odd occurrences’ because my ‘pictures’ to that point in my life had always shown up while I was awake via visions,  but that ‘dream’, became a manifested, tangible thing just 8 weeks later, and was named “The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour (TM)”, October, 2008, and will occur again 2011.

This ‘picture’ that I was given, was created to assist, empower and help others lives, as is most ‘divine dreams and pictures’ given, they usually involve you being the catalyst for the ‘start of change’, but will rally the connected and supportive energy of others who are divinely called to ‘CONNECT, COMMUNICATE and CREATE‘ with You!

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*What Is Your State?

Hello Friends and Supporter,

Do Your Core Beliefs Represent Your LifeStyle, Your Choices,Your Actions? When We Understand The Purpose Of Our Lives, When Can Operate From TRUTH. There Are ‘Many Facts’, Figures and Opinions, That Change Depending On ‘Whose Reporting’ , But Only One ‘Absolute TRUTH’-which Is Our SPIRITUAL COMPASS.

We Will Never Please EveryOne, But What Is ‘YOUR CENTER’ Or Your ‘Life BluePrint’ You Operate From,In Your Home,Work,Your Relationships? Is Your ‘Absolute TRUTH’/Spiritual Compass Being Supported,Sustained and Maintained In Your Actions and Decisions???

Seek Peace and Clarity,Once You’ve Submitted Your Spirit To ‘Quietness’ To Hear The Message That YOUR SPIRIT, (Which Is Given By God), Wants To Communicate And Share With You. Don’t Resist The ‘Quiet Revelation’. There will always be ‘Noise’ and ‘Disruption’ in our World, but where You can control Your Environment=YOU, You Must Take Authority Over in order to understand Your Power and Dominion. God Created Us to have Dominion and Rule over Territories, Things and even Influence on Others. But WE Cannot Take Dominion or Authority over what we’ve been ordained to Impact, even Our Lives,Spirit and Decisions If We do Not Maintain or Reflect a state of Balance.

Balance Is A State Of ‘Some-thing’ or ‘Some-One’ That Is Continuously Harmonious, Even, Measured, Thorough, and Tempered.

Continued, ‘Un-Settledness and Dishelvement’, Means that there is A Portion Of  ‘Some-Thing’  In Our Lives, that ts Off-Kilter and that is Impacting the ‘Stabilization Of The Whole’. When Our Issues are Left Unchecked and Un-Resolved For Too Long, They begin to Poison and Filter Through The Portions That Were At One Point Maintained and Stabilized.

 WE Want To Achieve The Greatest Balance In Every Of Our Lives,Body,Mind,Soul and SPIRIT,Therefore,WE Must Commit To ‘Doing The Work’=DAILY!!! It’s Usually NOT A ‘One and Done’ Event, But A Daily ‘Decision Of The Will’ As I Call It. Submit Your HEART To The TRUTH That Is ‘Untainted’ By Varying Men’s Opinions, But To The TRUTH That Is Consistent,Unwavering,Unshakeable,Unchangeable. That ABSOLUTE TRUTH For Me, Is GOD & And More Specifically ‘The Holy Spirit’. Our Spirituality,When Allowed To Operate In ITs Highest Thru US By Our Own Volition and Submission, Is Able To Override Our Clumsiness and Instability and Bring US Peace,Comfort,Love, Joy and Meekness, Which Are FRUITS Of The SPIRIT. What Does “THE FRUIT” Of Your SPIRIT Manifest Like On A Daily Basis??? Uncertain? Confused? Check Your CORE.

If Confusion Dominates Your Mind,Check What Your Spirit Is ASKING YOU…WE Are ‘Speaking Spirits’ That Are Always Communicating,What’s YOUR MESSAGE To The World? “A Double Minded Man Is Unstable In ALL His Ways” James 1:8 Selah. Your SPIRIT Wants PEACE For YOU, Do YOU Too Want IT??? EVERYTHING That WE Can Control, Is A Result Of Our CHOICES Or Our Willful Response To The Circumstances and Situations We Could Not Orchestrate. ASK For The Balance In Prayer,Meditation and Quiet And Obey The Instructions You HEAR, They Will ‘High and Purpose-FULL’, NOT Fleshly,Selfish or Vain.YOU Will KNOW That It’s A SPIRITUAL Leading GREATER THAN YOU,But, NEEDS YOU To ‘Carry It Out’ In Your Body,Your Life and Your Choices!
WE Appreciate YOUR Time (For Reading This), The Sharing YOUR ENERGY,Love and Support For US!!!
Be Most Blessed,Strengthened & Courageous,Operating From A Place Of Peace and Love THIS DAY!

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QA Enterprises, LLC  & The Communication Expert

*Please,Seek Out The SUPPORT YOU Need.WE Can’t Do Business or GREATNESS On Our Own!!!

In Conversing and Meeting with one of my Business Mentors recently, I was ‘Refreshed’ and Strengthened to become apprised of some of their early challenges,struggles and events that nearly destroyed their life and nearly made their business obsolete, that Today, is a multi-million dollar revenue generating and operating business. They had to overcome their ‘learning vacuums’ and be open to ‘self-correction’, greater self-discipline and editing, overcoming their initial challenges, financial and relational, to maintain their business and GROW, both Professionally and Personally. It was ‘eye opening’, because in this competitive landscape of business and life, some people won’t tell You their ‘struggles’, they only want You to be Impressed with their Current Success and Status. If not careful,it will make You believe that your current situation is impassable and will invoke thoughts of fear and relinquishment of a true Passion and Vision that You know in your heart is Your Life’s Work and Contribution to The World.

You,I, We, must always open ourselves up to people who will be ‘Open to Us’. Everyone won’t, but Someone WILL,Help You,Groom You,Train and Encourage You. The appropriate time will manifest the assistance and Mentorship You Need, when YOU least expect it and need it the most. God already knows what it will take for YOU in Your Business and Life to reach your targeted goals,dreams,aspirations and plans.* You must not become frustrated or discouraged by people who are or seem to be experiencing ‘more success’ than you. “Your Time” is unique, defined and will be ‘Relevant’ to the Audience and People that Your are ‘Scheduled To Impact’. YOUR Audience will be THERE’ when YOU Arrive. So,’Buckle Up On Your Faith’ and ‘Strengthen Your Patience with YOURSELF’!!! Believe that the Visions,Dreams,Gifts,Talents and Abilities You Possess, are Valuable,Meaningful and GOD Driven, so that YOU Won’t MISS YOUR TIME, Because Remember, It Will Be YOUR TIME!!!!

*NEVER Stop LEARNING, Or become too impressed with ‘Your Current Status’ that You fail to realize, You Never Can!
Don’t Forsake The Ability ‘To LEARN’ From Many Sources. Learning Is Continuous and Ever Evolving. That Is why Your Life Expectancy is 75+ and Not ’21’, because EVERYDAY on Earth, You are scheduled have ‘new learnings’, ‘new revelations’ and ‘new experiences’. Their Are Many Types Of Learning: Experiential,Observational and Educational.
*What are You Reading? Watching? Experiencing? What Do You Value?
I am are Grateful For The Lessons Learned Through My Parents, My Spiritual Advisors, My Friends,My Mentors, both Professional and Personal, as well as the lessons that I Could Not Escape from Learning in My Own Life, on My Journey and am yet discovering.

In growing Your Business, SEEK OUT Mentors Who Will Share ‘TRUTH’ w. You,That Will Support & Share From The Heart.
Have A More Patience with YourSelf and Understand that WE Can’t Operate Successfully ‘In A vacuum’, WE NEED ONE ANOTHER, Because Our GREATNESS,Involves The Whole of US!!!
*Remember To Do Everything From A Reference of Unconditional LOVE, because That’s Where ABUNDANCE MANIFESTS and MULTIPLIES!

LOVE YOU ALL, Thanks For ‘Stopping By Our Corner Today’:} *Please Stay Tuned To Us,GREATER THINGS COMING!!!

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“Hello World!”, Welcome To “The Communication Expert’s Corner”-Please ‘Settle In’ w/ Me:}

It Took Some Time For ‘Me’,The Communication Expert, To Decide Upon “This Blog’s” Inception. Yet, It Felt Inevitable, Necessary, A Bit OverPowering At Moments, But Most Of All, Just ‘Right’….”Right” To Let YOU In.Who Are “YOU”??….”YOU” Are: My New Potential Friends, Supporters,Critics and Critical, Curious and Courageous, Cunning and Crafty, Yet Most Important To ME, Is That YOU,Want To COMMUNE-NI-Cate.

 “YOU” Want To Be Heard,Seen,Felt,Understood,Touched,Impacted,Moved To Change,Moved Thru Change and Possess The Amazing Capability and Somewhat ‘Magical,Whimsical,Influential Power’ To Make Others Move And Change Into Our Deepest Fantasies,Thoughts,Desires,Hopes and Dreams,Powerful Enough To OverPower Our Deepest Fears,Nightmares and Catastrophes.
We Hope That YOU Will Follow Us,COMMUNE-NI-CATE With Us, Share Your PerSpectives,Opinions and Suggestions. WE Are Going GLOBAL & To “The TOP” Of Our GOD-Given,LimitLess Heights,Depths and Dimensions. Welcome,YOU Are Welcomed HERE, In MY “CORNER”,THE COMMUNICATION EXPERT’s CORNER, Kick Off ‘Your Shoes’,Grab Some ‘Herbal Tea’, & Let’s DisH!:}

Until The ‘Next Conversation’,Love,Peace,Abundance and Joy!
Abigail,The Communication Expert

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