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*Please,Seek Out The SUPPORT YOU Need.WE Can’t Do Business or GREATNESS On Our Own!!!

In Conversing and Meeting with one of my Business Mentors recently, I was ‘Refreshed’ and Strengthened to become apprised of some of their early challenges,struggles and events that nearly destroyed their life and nearly made their business obsolete, that Today, is a multi-million dollar revenue generating and operating business. They had to overcome their ‘learning vacuums’ and be open to ‘self-correction’, greater self-discipline and editing, overcoming their initial challenges, financial and relational, to maintain their business and GROW, both Professionally and Personally. It was ‘eye opening’, because in this competitive landscape of business and life, some people won’t tell You their ‘struggles’, they only want You to be Impressed with their Current Success and Status. If not careful,it will make You believe that your current situation is impassable and will invoke thoughts of fear and relinquishment of a true Passion and Vision that You know in your heart is Your Life’s Work and Contribution to The World.

You,I, We, must always open ourselves up to people who will be ‘Open to Us’. Everyone won’t, but Someone WILL,Help You,Groom You,Train and Encourage You. The appropriate time will manifest the assistance and Mentorship You Need, when YOU least expect it and need it the most. God already knows what it will take for YOU in Your Business and Life to reach your targeted goals,dreams,aspirations and plans.* You must not become frustrated or discouraged by people who are or seem to be experiencing ‘more success’ than you. “Your Time” is unique, defined and will be ‘Relevant’ to the Audience and People that Your are ‘Scheduled To Impact’. YOUR Audience will be THERE’ when YOU Arrive. So,’Buckle Up On Your Faith’ and ‘Strengthen Your Patience with YOURSELF’!!! Believe that the Visions,Dreams,Gifts,Talents and Abilities You Possess, are Valuable,Meaningful and GOD Driven, so that YOU Won’t MISS YOUR TIME, Because Remember, It Will Be YOUR TIME!!!!

*NEVER Stop LEARNING, Or become too impressed with ‘Your Current Status’ that You fail to realize, You Never Can!
Don’t Forsake The Ability ‘To LEARN’ From Many Sources. Learning Is Continuous and Ever Evolving. That Is why Your Life Expectancy is 75+ and Not ’21’, because EVERYDAY on Earth, You are scheduled have ‘new learnings’, ‘new revelations’ and ‘new experiences’. Their Are Many Types Of Learning: Experiential,Observational and Educational.
*What are You Reading? Watching? Experiencing? What Do You Value?
I am are Grateful For The Lessons Learned Through My Parents, My Spiritual Advisors, My Friends,My Mentors, both Professional and Personal, as well as the lessons that I Could Not Escape from Learning in My Own Life, on My Journey and am yet discovering.

In growing Your Business, SEEK OUT Mentors Who Will Share ‘TRUTH’ w. You,That Will Support & Share From The Heart.
Have A More Patience with YourSelf and Understand that WE Can’t Operate Successfully ‘In A vacuum’, WE NEED ONE ANOTHER, Because Our GREATNESS,Involves The Whole of US!!!
*Remember To Do Everything From A Reference of Unconditional LOVE, because That’s Where ABUNDANCE MANIFESTS and MULTIPLIES!

LOVE YOU ALL, Thanks For ‘Stopping By Our Corner Today’:} *Please Stay Tuned To Us,GREATER THINGS COMING!!!

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