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“What Will It Take?”

June 2012

 CONFESSION: “I, Abigail Moats, The Communication Expert, do not like updating blogs, newsletters, etc. frequently”….

There, I’ve said it.

I have always been of the ‘oratory’ communicative sort, as my Mother states that I began ‘articulating’ by 2 years of age, was successfully named ‘Gabby Abby’ (it does not hurt as much now to admit) by my 2nd grade teacher, leading a ‘group of peers and older’ by the age of 9 and professionally speaking by 14. I’ve always enjoyed the liberty of verbal flow and verbosity.

Sure, I believe that I am an impressive writer, having conceived and written wonderful poems and passages in my journals since the age of 7, having contributed to articles and books of colleagues, even having written a ‘paperback book’ of my own {that  continues to receive much regard and usage by many psychologists, educators and leaders who teach and train others}; further, currently working on my 2nd amazing paperback, which by the way is taking me way too long….. but it’s in motion nonetheless. I’ve also authored Audio products, hosted my own Radio program (will do again soon) and have co-hosted and appeared on numerous others’ radio and television programs. I have spoken and performed hundreds of speeches for various audiences from corporate to educational, spiritual, women’s and men’s groups, in prisons to civic and social organizations in my life and career to this point. Been a #1 Sales professional throughout my career in industries from Pharmaceutical and Health Care to Consumer Products and Marketing and developed and trained many sales teams and persons to accomplish and reach their professional goals. I thoroughly enjoy and prefer immensely the ‘immediacy’ and energy of an interesting, dialectal conversation, via face to face or phone, despite our ‘technological social media advances’. Why?, you may ask–well, in my humble, expert opinion, I believe a face-to-face interaction and even phone conversation requires ‘more immediate brilliance’ .

Verbal communication’ is often ‘unscripted’ and unedited and is mostly ‘untraceable’ (unless recorded physically) expect in the heart and mind of the hearer. When a great conversation is experienced, it’s most captivating highlights are usually repeated orally and even mimicked, over and over again, giving it a longer life than the moment that has passed. Sure, I understand that the ‘written word’ has a longer shelf life and can be experienced by more persons in more places, but the intimacy of a conversation, the voice,the diction, the intonations, inflections, pauses, humor, laughter or even abrasion, sends strong energy to the human psyche, and prompts an instantaneous response!… Hmmmmmmmmm, delicious. I love a great conversation, like one desires a delicious meal, savoring every morsel, holding it in their mouths to detect the spices, texture and juices available and present in every bite; taking pause to comprehend what was just experienced on their palate, wanting to ‘go back in’, with precision and consciousness, knowing that this meal will come to an end with the last bite consumed…therefore slowing it down just a bit, although excited about the next possibility with the next bite, but not wanting to devour the remainder of the meal, without high regard and honor. Wow, a delicious conversation.

Conscious engagement takes energy , creativity and heart, this is what occurs in a conversation.

While amazingly Spring 2012 has already ‘sprung’ and Summer (Happy Summer!)2012 has opened its gates and  is upon us,  it’s yet a bit hard to believe that the year of 2012 is whizzing by without pause. There have already been so many events that have occurred and impacted our global, national and local landscapes, from countless life transitions(passing) of global icons from Don Cornelius to Whitney Houston, Etta James and Dick Clark to countless other unknowns, but yet no less valuable. Civil injustices from the senseless shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unharmed teen in Sanford, Florida by a vigilante unlisted ‘neighborhood watch’ person; to the senseless violence and murders in Chicago whose rate of violence has jumped an incredulous 60% since the start of 2012 compared to last year, by young adults who don’t value their own life, thereafter don’t see the value in preserving and maintaining another’s life! And more personally, just a few days prior to the completion of this blog, a childhood friend, whom I grew up in church with from infancy to early adulthood, who was just months older than I, losing her fight with Breast ‘C-Word’ and she was only in her 30’s !!  Death doesn’t have ‘age discrimination.  She lost her Mother to something of the same about 20 years ago while we were growing up, strangely enough, her Mother was perhaps only a few years older herself and left 6 children behind to discover living on their own, (as ‘Sug’ leaves behind a few children of her own-Too sad), yet, with the grace and assistance of God always. Although I haven’t even  physically seen ‘Sug’ in about 15 years, the proximity of the loss is no less shocking for me and forces me and all of our ‘childhood sisterhood’, to be conscious of our own nearing mortality. R.I.P. Yolanda (a.k.a. “Sug”) Wilson, I will always remember your internal ‘toughness’.

Thanks to “Sug’s” and all of the aforementioned amazing icon’s recent transitions, I commit to live every day forward, with greater intensity, to accept the ‘fullness’ of my calling and gifting as: A Change Agent, An Empowerer, A Spiritual Healer, A Transformational Servant Leader and Friend, ready to serve in the capacity God commands me to at any moment for the present need. A vessel, willing, ready and able to be utilized to serve the ‘highest and greatest good’!

This is ‘Who I Am’ and ‘Whom I Am Called To BE(come) even greater within this mantle.

What will it take for YOU my friend, to recognize and live your life more authentically, fully in your purpose?

*I know that my January Blog (last ‘formal blog’-Confession accepted) was extremely optimistic as are most New Year Blog’s, and perhaps you began this year with greater hopes and expectations of things being ‘immediately fulfilled’ in your life. Nevertheless, I want you to know that ‘it’s still in motion’, the best for you is coming and is in progress…however, what is required is the courage and faith, daily, to remain ‘present’ for it. There yet remains a need to live on and see what the next phase of this year and quarter, holds for your life.

Professionally we’ve been Empowering and ministering to some wonderful people and organizations this year. From corporations and educational institutions, to non-profits, women’s and special needs groups. In each event, I realize how uniquely talented, tailored-made and specifically created we each are for a purpose ‘greater than ourselves’ on this Earth, and further, how inter-connected we are and how much we need one another. One of the recent presentations I completed was for a ‘Special Needs’ group of ‘community leaders’, through a top Philadelphia based university. It was there that I realized how despite the ‘labels’ people and society place on others such as ‘intellectually challenged’ (it’s antiquated labeling that’s no longer politically correct is ‘mentally retarded’), uneducable, physically or behavioural challenged, have to be totally ‘blown out of the window’, because everyone has a learning capacity, it’s more about the extent of what I term one’s comprehension capacity!

These young adults were phenomenally engaged, challenging, witty, charming, conscious and extremely astute, not only comprehending everything that I was presenting and communicating on the topic of: “Empowerment through Community Service!”, but providing additional insights to myself and their colleagues, and never provoked me to ‘dumb down’ the conversation, but were in-step and aligned in every way. We completed Vision Boards that revealed the depth of their interest and in some instances many of their life experiences, that further amazed me. The most heartwarming responses, hugs and expressions were received and felt by them. I received a number of amazing evaluations, but over and over was repeated to me from the vast majority: “Ms. Moats, You Are The Best Speaker We EVER Had Come to Our Program! Thank YOU for Coming!!!”

Now you can imagine why my heart and emotions are yet so full and why I will never forget that special university group, they made me remember “My Why!” in my purpose.

I’m ecstatic about what’s ahead for the remainder of the year, both personally and professionally!


*YOU are the 1st to know, beginning every morning, Monday-Friday, 6:30AM EST, beginning July 16th 2012, there will be ‘daily empowerment’ with Abigail, The Communication Expert (Myself:}) with occasional visits from fellow friends and colleagues who inspire and empower others as well. Daily, Monday-Friday 6:30AM EST, you’ll be able to ‘dial in’ and receive morning words of inspiration and empowerment to strengthen and encourage YOU to face your day with courage and strength, by fortifying your mind.


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Until the ‘next blog’, live in and on purpose, being aware and accepting of ‘What It Takes’ for YOU to live your greatest life!

Peace and Love,

Abigail Moats, The Communication Expert:

 “Change Agent, Empowerer, Spiritual Healer, Transformational Servant Leader, Author and Friend”


Let’s CONNECT,COMMUNICATE and CREATE Together 10.14-10.15,2011!!!


Hello Supporters and Friends,

There are so many events, energies and occurrences that are simultaneously being experienced in the cosmos currently, some amazing, some shocking, some transitional, some functional, but almost all necessary. Change is inevitable. Anything that does not change, ‘is already dead’. The Body is changing moment to moment, i.e.,  aging on a  molecular, cellular and metamorphic level, changes that cannot be ceased, despite technological advances in skin care,creams, bio and lipo surgeries and pharmaceuticals. There will be a ‘never ending war’ with Man and Nature for dominance and control, but even in that ‘warfare’, there can be a moderate ceasefire, when Man begins to cooperate with Nature and begins to learn the power of ‘Connecting to, Communicating ‘with’ and Creating within’, the space and time on Earth that has been provided each individual in the universe by God and allows Us the option and opportunity to flow within it and to become our greatest human selves, with our Spiritual core being our Co-Creative guide.

There is a ‘picture’ I believe that all of us born into the world,that live for any length of time, are scheduled to ‘paint and create’ on Earth. You cannot relegate this sculpture to the  ‘number of years on Earth’,because so many children die young (preceding their parents), but come making significant contributions and leaving indelible impressions and marks on ‘our Spirits’ and our hearts. Children have begun and ‘launched’ so many foundations fighting and rallying against terminal causes from Leukemia to Aids, to fighting Juvenile Diabetes and childhood obesity to becoming authors and business builders and even millionaires by their early pre-teen years. These children were able at their young ages, to ‘show up in the world’ and in a very little time ‘make some major,loud and lasting noise’, that was heard by the environments and audiences they were scheduled to reach! Children are born into the world, courageous, curious, unafraid and ready to CONNECT, COMMUNICATE and CREATE! Before a child is ‘knowingly’ exposed extensively to environments and media that are critical, negative and challenging, children don’t focus on lack or comparatives,they are usually focused on ‘creating the image or picture’ in their minds, hearts and spirits, that readily seem tangible,accessible, possible–doable, and they succeed.

So what happens between childhood and adulthood, that has adults that are 30,40 and 50 + years of age saying ‘I don’t know My Purpose here on Earth?’ and children becoming even more productive than adults and even their parents???… FEAR. FEAR, shows up, and not only does it ‘show up’, it begins to ‘get louder’, bolder, braissier and even more aggressive than the courage that was ‘laying in wait’ to be responded to and accessed. People do more in their lives from a perspective and paradigm of Fear and loss, than from Love,Power, or Productivity,the greatest creative energies available on Earth. Their actions are either ‘just a enough’ to not get eliminated,fired,divorced or ‘openly rejected’, but it never comes from a place of Peace and true heart. Is that YOU? Do You need to remember and be reminded of how to re-CONNECT to Your Spirit? You were born Spirit and natural, your Spirit is that indomitable part of you that no matter how your ‘knee got bruised’, your ankle broken, leg amputated, your skin or flesh burned or injured, you continued, pummeled through the pain and came out victorious, despite your physicality being altered or diminished. That is the incredibleness of the Human Spirit!! Most people have ‘stopped connecting to and COMMUNICATING w/ IT’ and live daily, hoping for ‘the lottery’, their boss or the person they most resent or don’t forgive to die or work the most basic job just to keep the lights on and bills paid and have ceased to hope, dream,plan, imagine or CREATE. Let us support your ‘Life Comeback’ and re-enGagement at “The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour (TM)”!

I, ‘The Communication Expert’ am a Professional Speaker, Author, Leadership and Sales Trainer and Human Developer and have been speaking professionally since a very young teen, teaching people to “Understand, Then Communicate Their Unique Value Proposition To The World!”(TM), so now being in my mid-30’s, I can state that in my over 20 + years of speaking to audiences nationally in varying environments {from educational to corporate to social, civic, professional organizations and churches}, from young children in kindergarten to teens and young adults, professionals and entrepreneurs in early and advanced stages of their careers to having strong ties and relationship with seniors and elders that are 80+ years of age, I can see and say definitively that there are some ‘life changes’ that change and alter the ‘self-perspective’ of individuals from childhood to adulthood to their senior years. If a person allows ‘the inevitable life circumstances’ that occur to rob all of their curiosity, courageousness, faith, divinity and humanity, they end up cynical, ‘internally clogged’, emotionally dull and just end up ‘reactive’ in the Earth, where they were destined to co-create, produce and contribute significantly TO and WITHIN. This vicious cycle of ‘giving up’ their dreams, ‘divine pictures’ and visions, in exchange for mere functionality,must be challenged. If the person is willing, if but for a moment, to get quiet, still, focused and bring their ‘whole self’ to the meeting of ‘their destiny’, they will discover that no matter what circumstances that have happened to them and thru them, that if they are ‘yet alive’ with pulse, reasonable health and consciousness, possessing that divine ‘thumbprint, tongue-print or voice print that no one else out of ‘6.8 Billion people in the world and counting'(TM) have, that it is yet a chance to ‘respond to that picture’, that image on your soul. Granted as we age, our images get bigger, sharper, clearer, but, you’ve got to get in ‘the practice and habit’ of listening and responding to the first pictures, putting them down, making them visible, tangible, active things before you can ‘refine or sharpen the image’… on October 14th-October 15th, 2011, ‘the picture’ that I was divinely given over a 3 night series of dreams that I thought were initially just ‘odd occurrences’ because my ‘pictures’ to that point in my life had always shown up while I was awake via visions,  but that ‘dream’, became a manifested, tangible thing just 8 weeks later, and was named “The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour (TM)”, October, 2008, and will occur again 2011.

This ‘picture’ that I was given, was created to assist, empower and help others lives, as is most ‘divine dreams and pictures’ given, they usually involve you being the catalyst for the ‘start of change’, but will rally the connected and supportive energy of others who are divinely called to ‘CONNECT, COMMUNICATE and CREATE‘ with You!

I am a conduit for God’s light, energy and plans to become manifested in the Earth that require my unique talents, skills and given abilities, as are YOU!  On that weekend of the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of “The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour (TM) and 1st INTENSIVE, Friday, October 14th- Saturday, October 15th, 2011, various persons will travel locally, regionally and nationally to join their creative talent, skills, unique abilities and energies and will synergistically share in a life-transforming and intentional occurrence. We do skills and gifts analysis and testing, vision board creation, and many ‘actively engaging’, creativity inducing and producing events. Whether you are a thought or civic leader who wants to be ‘refreshed’ and strengthened, a tenured professional seeking to strengthen relational and professional associations with like-minded persons, or a new entrepreneur desiring to ‘get new ideas’ for branding, marketing or new customers/clients, The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour INTENSIVE(TM) is for YOU!!! Please, Register NOW at: to ensure ‘your positioning’ is right and that you’re able to be present to receive, share and exchange! Capacity is limited due to the workshop-style format. If you’re a Business Owner who wants to highlight their company’s products or services that are available for purchase or consumption nationally, consider purchasing a Full Page Color (8 1/2 x 11) or Half Page Color (8 1/2 x 5) Ad, in our Program Souvenir Booklet, whether you can ‘physically’ be present or not by sending an email to and stating your interest in rates. GROUP Discount Tables and Half Tables are available as well. REGISTER NOW at: to ensure your not ‘left dormant’ again and can be reinvigorated to ‘try again’, believe again, DO again! We love you and our Team and I cannot wait to ‘CONNECT, COMMUNICATE and CREATE‘ with You!

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*People: Your Greatest Blessing and Your Greatest Challenge,Which Side Must You Measure Most?

People are necessary.

In fact, there are about 6.8 Billion People in the World (and counting) with their own unique thumb-print, voice print and retina-scan, that, with the exception of God’s cosmic operations, (i.e. Sunrise,Sunset, Changing Seasons,Water, Wind,Rain,Fire and Earth and Universal Rotations), are the catalyst for how relationships, communities,societies and nations are formed, populated, governed and structured and through and by whom work is accomplished and done. People can produce for You: businesses,products,goods, services and industries bringing efficiency, meeting needs, utilizing the ‘power of their free will’, to do good and good works, yielding pleasure, giving consideration, extending or exchanging kindnesses and bringing benefit to those who are the recipients and beneficiaries of the exercise of their volition and ‘free will’. It is that God-given volition that creates the most profound dynamic in People, because at times, when People are operating in a ‘focused direction’ with the desire for the same outcomes or results, the harmonious and choral power of that focused energy is beautiful, symphonic, even melodic. However, when there are differences of opinions, poor communication or articulation of the purpose and objective of the group or organization, inflated super-egos or the need for Individualism against a group dynamic, there is a cacophony of discord that is often shrieking to the ears and disruptive to the flow of positive energy that is usually the initial opportunity when any one group joins together sans their biases.

Whatever Your Gift, Calling,Life’s Work, Assignment or Mission here on Earth is, whether local, national or universal, “IT” was given to You, but NOT to be accomplished or completed by YOU alone…WE must include the People in the fulfillment of ‘The Purpose’ who have been uniquely equipped to assist Us in making that dream,vision,purpose or intention realized. There are People in the world who have and will be placed in Your Pathway as your vision, purpose, assignment unfolds, that have ‘what You & Your Assignment Needs’ to be accomplished with excellence and produce the intended result. The phases of  ‘The Assignment’ will reveal the people with the level of skill necessary for the success of that phase. As You grow, learn, produce and heighten your awareness, ‘Your Skill Level’, wisdom and ‘know-how’  improves, summoning and attracting to You a ‘higher caliber’ of skilled persons, with the ‘know- how’ for that Next Dimension in your life and will ultimately produce a greater result, revealing to You greater insight of what you’re capable of. The quality of the outcome of any project is in direct correlation to the People involved in the project and their ability to produce at their capacity. Not every person will know how to entreat us at first, nor have our best interest at heart at all times. There will always be oppositional energies that either try to cause us to falter or give up on our vision when they cannot see it or resent the fact that they cannot see the same greatness and tenacity within themselves, but these People too have meaning, as they cause us as a result, to become stronger and often more resolute in reaching our goals and visions. There will be someone else in your ‘Next Assignment’ who’s waiting for You to realize Who You Are and gain clarity on What You’re Supposed to Accomplish so that ‘They May Assist You’!

It is through our trials,errors, corrections and disappointments with People, that We learn who We Are. People reveal to Us who we are because our way of relating to one another, which is our ‘relationships’, telling of our tolerance, patience, compassion, humility, ability to forgive or our lack thereof. We almost always want to disconnect with People or a person when we’ve been hurt, disappointed or injured, yet we have the intrinsic need to go share that pain and disappointment with another person or connect with new People to feel safe again.  God, in my opinion, is interesting in that we come into this world with the capacity and energy to function as separate entities, but we are most fulfilled and complete when we are serving, connecting to, communicating with and discovering who others are and the ways that we are similar and the things and desire we have in common. We have an intrinsic need to connect with People. Throughout and since the beginning of Time, there has been a dynamic of A Leader supported by a group of People. Everyone cannot be ‘The Leader’, nor can ‘The Leader’ exist without People to lead or support and execute ‘The Assignment’ he or she has been given to complete. The Bible even makes hundreds of references to Leaders treating People justly and People justly following the Leader to whom has been given authority or influence over them. People are designed to give and share of their energy, skills,talent and possessions to be viable in life. There is a scripture in Luke 6:38  that states: “Give, and it shall be given You; good measure,pressed down, and shaken together and running over, shall Men (Women) give into Your bosom. For the same measure that You give withal that You have, the same measure that You shall Receive back unto You again.”

There are People that You are assigned to assist as there are People who are assigned to assist You. We must learn the purpose of the People that come into our lives, whether it’ a temporary or seasonal interaction or a long-term assignment that we must assist them in fulfilling or that they are to assist Us towards completion. We must learn grace, meekness, temperance, kindness and forgiveness towards others, despite the vulnerabilities and pain that are inevitable from interacting with another human being with frailties, insecurities,fears and lack of experience or wisdom in certain situations we might find ourselves involved in or connected to with them. Productivity in what You came accomplish and perform on your own is Never an option, yet neither is the eventual need or interaction with People.

In This New Year 2011, (that I believe will be ‘The Year of Stability,Family,Abundance,Growth and the Manifestation of long-desired Visions’), I believe that it is imperative to perfect and bring out the best in You, so that Your Energy will summons, command and bring to You, ‘The People’ that are of the highest caliber and skill level, to assist You in releasing and Communicating To Your Greatness!(tm) 

Please remain connected with Us all Year 2011 as we have so many wonderful initiatives, product releases,events and ways to support and be of assistance to You, Your Corporation, or Organization. Let us know your experiences and thoughts with ‘People’.  Please visit our Website and Join Our Newsletter: , Purchase our Book or Audio CD: “Communicate With Power In Life,Love and Business To Access Your Greatness!”  send us an email at:, or book an Individual Consulting/Executive Coaching Session or keep us in mind for Your Next Event where you need a Keynote Speaker or Leadership Trainer in Communications, Diversity,Conflict Resolution, Women’s or Teen Issues or Empowerment. QA Enterprises,LLC and Abigail Moats,The Communication Expert, want to be here for You! Please remain in touch with Us and come back to ‘Our Corner Soon’!

 Blessings and Continued Success and a Most Prosperous and Amazing 2011 to You and The People To Whom You Are Connected Towards Your Greatness!!


The Communication Expert

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