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What Will You COMPLETE In 2012? Points Of Power To Consider.

The Communication Expert’s “2012 Points Of Power!!!”

Greetings Friends and Supporters, Welcome to A New Year 2012, with the chance of ‘ReNewing You’!!!
Many of you entered into this new year in a number of ways, i.e., parties and gatherings with friends, family, or on holiday in a fabulous locale; moreover, some of you opened the year more traditionally in a church setting, reflective, hope-filled and prayerful. Whatever matter, method or mode of celebratory activity you ushered your spirit into 2012, I pray you were surrounded by love and enveloped in peace knowing that whatever the circumstances, events or occurrences of the passing year, only shaped you and did not break you.
At the end of every year, I spend time in consecration with God, meditating, listening, discerning, waiting for insight to understand the lessons of the current, soon to be the past (previous year). Upon doing this ritual on the evening of December 31st, 2011, it was then that I received the following declaration:
In this year 2012:
“This will be the year of completing projects that have begun and proceeding with excellence in new ventures, ambitions, and visions. This year, 2012, will be a year of ‘seizing the moment’, having access to ‘closed places’, flourishing in endeavors as never before, clarity from the onset, (when obeyed and adhered to) will guarantee fewer errors and missteps.
Healthy Marriages, new and restored, covenant connections, partnerships and mergers. Old things being ‘fully dead’, never to be resurrected again, with new thing springing forth, that cannot be stopped, hindered, or removed. Victories that have been long awaited for and those that have manifested only in part, will come to full maturation and will be profitable and useful. The things that use to hurt, cripple and wound will be rendered powerless will be of none effect in your life any longer, beginning in 2012, saith The Lord!!!”
Upon receipt of this declaration and revelation, I immediately prayed over and processed this while in a ‘Watch Night Service’, where about 40 minutes later, heading toward midnight, just about 10 minutes before the cross over to the ‘New Year’, the pastor begin to ‘recount’ about a 1/3 of this very same insight!! Wow, that was the 1st start towards confirmation of this special declarative utterance. I then over the next day and half, heard statements and confessions from a several other sources and persons, via conversations and gatherings. I was certain that ‘the energy’ of 2012 was and will be vastly different.
Every day of this new year will be a new opportunity to see new and old things differently, to be decisive, clear, and focused on the objectives and pursuits that can ultimately propel you forward to living your greatest life and impacting ‘your audience’ that you are scheduled reach. Each of Us on Earth is divinely scheduled to make connections with a certain number of persons, some will be brief encounters, others will be seasonal, and some will be permanent and lasting. With the new ‘2011 World Census Count’ revealing that there are now at least ‘7 Billion’ persons on Earth and counting, each with ‘their uniquely given’ thumbprint, tongue print, vocal pattern and retina scan, how are You preparing to make you ‘impact’ upon your contacts with ‘your divinely given ones’? What will they glean from you, gain from you, implement post meeting your Spirit?
What will make this year different is not that you’ll receive a new body, new internal organs or your birth years on this earth will be ‘magically restored’ giving you 20 years of youth to reclaim, but that your MIND, (the muscle that can always be regenerated, strengthened, enlightened and restored despite your physicality), will become clearer, more resolute and fortified against the barriers of fear and doubt in the past that would often not only cripple or impede your progress. This previous failure to choose ‘MIND’ regeneration would in many instances stop you for moving, if only but ‘1 step’ closer towards your goals, dreams and visions! This year you must be conscious daily to ‘train your thinking’, to think higher, resisting the mind sabotaging thought patterns of even your recent past!!
This is why I am offering to you the following 2012 Points Of Power to consider and embrace, so that as the days that continue and follow in this year become weeks, months, quarters and eventually the ‘sum total’ and completion of yet another year, you will have these reminders of ‘The Why’ you must propel forward this year beyond any and all impediments and moments of uncertainty.
Point of Power #1. “You Only Have ‘This Moment’ to Complete This Phase”:
We at any day or time, only ‘own’ the present moment that we are within. The ‘next’ is never certain or guaranteed, heart attacks, seizures and other tragedies occur in split seconds, so it with great arrogance that we assume all things will remain constant. Can you think of anyone who is ‘not here’ in 2012 that was alive and present in 2011??… I am certain that you know of a few causalities, transitions and passing’s of friends, friends of friends, family members and loved ones. They perhaps all were hoping that they would write that book ‘next year’, take that vacation/excursion/world tour ‘next year’, start that business or non-profit within a ‘few years’, commit to that relationship ‘eventually’, mend that breech of family connection and communication ‘stand off’, take control of their health issues, poor dietary choices and lack of exercise ‘soon?’….all of these thought processes have a ‘starting point’, a now moment that once begun and entered into, has enough steam and energy to produce greater results and actually garners support. YOU must no longer say ‘next year’ or ‘one day’, because certainly you understand that the potential for completion of any project or course of action is greater ‘in motion’ and in progress, than for it to be stored and ‘hanging in abeyance’.
Only a few days into this new year of 2012 did I have a car accident returning from holiday with my family and loved ones. I went across the ever so challenging Pennsylvania Turnpike, which is known for its 300 plus miles of ‘close cornered’, mostly 2-laned highway, that is interlaced between the most mammoth mountains and plentiful peaks and plains. The stretch of highway that I was traveling on January 3rd, became quickly and richly snow-covered ahead of any salt trucks or highway safety persons being able to contain its robust showering; in turn, I slid across the 2 lanes, spun around about 3 times to crash sideways (against the only alternative from the descending mountains on my right), into the fortified concrete wall of the turnpike, to end up facing in the direction of the oncoming traffic. While spinning uncontrollably in my vehicle, my thoughts were: “Okay, am I really dying, I just received my 2012 declarations and ‘orders to implement’?!?” It was post my being assisted to total safety with vehicle damage, but no broken bones or missing limbs moments later, that I concluded: “I Must ACT NOW and Often!!!” This surprising incident so soon into the new year confirmed that I must act on ‘the fierce urgency of NOW‘ as our current President Barack Obama states. I as a result am conscious now of every thought, daily intention set and acting as if ‘this were the last moment’ I could be found ‘acting’ on the vision, objectives set forth and aware of my desired outcomes, being even more determined to not relent or ‘give up’, until I see the level of progress my heart desires and my Spirit requires.
It’s not ‘how you start’, but that you started in order to ‘complete’ something! It is okay to plan, prepare and lay out a course of action, yet, it is most important and critical that You Take ACTION NOW!!! Let’s move!!
Point of Power #2. “You Must Accept That Everything Is Changing, Therefore You Must”:
If there is one thing the economic climatic changes globally over the past few years have revealed to us, is that change is inevitable, unavoidable, and that when your paradigm shifts, you can only ‘act’ so long as if everything is the same, before the previous garrisons of protection that used to surround you, that are now thoroughly decaying and perhaps eroded so that you are now exposed in ways you’ve never experienced. Oftentimes, there is no instruction manual or mapping to follow this ‘change’ that was certainly not elected by you to enter into, but often we are bombarded, forced, demanded upon or catastrophically pushed into change. When change, (which is constant in some form always, please see our previous blog: “Connect, Communicate, Create“), occurs drastically, you cannot go backwards to what you knew previously, because it no longer exists in the original state in which you came to know it, if it in fact remains at all. You have to mentally train your thinking and actions to adjust to the obvious loss. The loss of a home due to a fire, the loss of a spouse via a divorce, a loss of a loved one through a death, the loss of a job due to the company closing its doors, all require a shift in thinking, expectations, behaviors and certainly actions. How do you move forward? Recover? Re-engage?… You must do it moment by moment. This reality check supports ‘P.O.P #1’ (above), if you try to over plan, overextend, overcompensate for your changes that in some instances were purely uncontrollable by you, you must discover what ‘yet remains’ within you in
Point of Power #3. “You Must Work Towards Excellence and Not Be Constricted By Being ‘Perfect’ “:
Oftentimes people don’t complete the projects that they begin because they are overly obsessed with ‘perfection’.
Perfection is defined as:
per·fec·tion/pərˈfekSHən/ Noun: The condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.
Please note that none of our ‘human efforts’ will ever be ‘totally free from all possible flaws’, because humans are not totally free from the possibility of making errors in business, relationships or life as a whole. Perfection is a futile, vain ideology of many deemed as ‘perfectionist’ who are often exhausted and trapped within ‘their own heads’, because there will always be things that we would have ‘preferred’ to occur or have been present when we decided to ‘take action’, but if you wait for all conditions to be optimal and perfect, you will never act. Avoid the crippling effects of ‘analysis paralysis’ this year.
A safer, holistic approach to getting things done and making impact in this year 2012, is to celebrate your ‘starting points’, follow-up, follow-thrus on your word, intentions, commitments and most importantly completion of the tasks set forth with as much accuracy and truth as is possible and available to you. This is certain to encourage YOU to ‘get started’. Some of us believe that if we don’t immediately have all the money that we desire, the resources, the connections of people or persons with a considerable amount of influence, that our efforts and talents are not valid enough to be considered or significant enough to be promoted, celebrated or acted upon. YOU must realize that everything that ever became GREAT had a start or a beginning, and that if YOU never get started, you’ll never have something to complete.
My favorite reference book, The Bible, states in Zechariah 4: 10: “Do not despise the day of small beginnings…”
It’s time to stop making excuses and blaming others and invariable conditions for the reasons you decided not to move forward on your visions, dreams, plans and prayers, you have to begin to see your responsibility in the situation, because the vision was granted to YOU and not the other person you’d rather ‘hide behind’ and displace the blame upon. It is better to strive towards ‘Excellence’ in all that you do, because this is measurable, contains the ability to make corrections without immediately placing blame or shame upon the doer of participants and allows a ‘window’ of space and grace to do things even better the next time around; whereas ‘being perfect’ always, demands no room for error or room for growth and does not take into consideration the inevitable changes that occur and sometimes necessary adjustments that must be made once beginning a new project, task or when setting an objective.
Once you begin to ‘launch forward’, you will be amazed by the resources, energy and support you will garner from the universe supporting YOU with one of the Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion (Physics): “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Friend, YOU must take ACTION NOW, Let’s Get Started!!!
Point of Power #4. “Be Kind To YourSelf First”:
Being the ‘Communication Expert’, I also teach and state to my audiences that ‘words have energy’! They elicit a reaction of some kind once released from your mouth to the atmosphere. I also teach about the Communication dynamic of ‘white noise’, the internal noise and chatter within your mind that you are rehearsing and hearing within your Spirit at any unscheduled moment. This ‘white noise’, often is reflective of the thoughts and ideas you most believe about yourself and are on readily accessible though a term I declare as ‘easy recall’. Therefore, I purport: “Be kind to yourself 1st, because Your Spirit hears your thoughts, always 1st!”(TM)
When you become kinder to yourself, you become more patient and accepting of yourself, which will in turn cause you to become more patient and accepting of others. Your flaws, imperfections and ‘areas of opportunity (TM)’, (my signature term that connotes the places you most need to grow and develop in), once acknowledged by you, will allow you to begin to see that it’s sometimes the very thing or aspect that you criticize in others. Honesty, authenticity, truth and kindness should be your ‘life’s mantras’, pursuit and method of engagement with other human beings, who much like you are trying to discover their purpose for being on this EARTH and the lessons they are required to learn, master and share from during their space here within it. This is why it will be critical to properly “train your thinking”!
2012 will provide many opportunities for YOU and me to implement these “Points Of Power”. The individual growth, revelation and the ‘knowingness’ of these truths will be manifested in how you act on them. You must take note that you may not always ‘get it right’ the first time, but that you are willing to forgive yourSelf, take action, implement, complete and begin again, until what the ‘original vision’ given to your Spirit, begins to align itself, take shape, form, development, manifestation and ultimately maturation. This will only be because you started to be able to complete….something. I’ll be here, in my space, working on my areas of growth and strength alongside you, looking for ‘our opportunities’ to connect, collaborate, compliment, support and grow deeper with you. I look forward to ‘doing life’ and Accessing and Releasing GREATNESS(TM) w. You, my friend, my colleague, my supporter, my fellow ‘Earth Mate’.
*Please share this blog with your colleagues, friends and family, as well as provide us your feedback, thoughts, opinions and suggestions regarding these “2012 Points Of Power”! We have a number of upcoming events within this year and will begin to share those over the next few weeks and months, feel free to join our mailing list to ‘remain connected’ at:
With Continued Love, Peace, Abundance and Blessings To You On This Journey of Life,
Abigail Moats, The Communication Expert
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E. Gordon, Insurance Professional, NJ
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*People: Your Greatest Blessing and Your Greatest Challenge,Which Side Must You Measure Most?

People are necessary.

In fact, there are about 6.8 Billion People in the World (and counting) with their own unique thumb-print, voice print and retina-scan, that, with the exception of God’s cosmic operations, (i.e. Sunrise,Sunset, Changing Seasons,Water, Wind,Rain,Fire and Earth and Universal Rotations), are the catalyst for how relationships, communities,societies and nations are formed, populated, governed and structured and through and by whom work is accomplished and done. People can produce for You: businesses,products,goods, services and industries bringing efficiency, meeting needs, utilizing the ‘power of their free will’, to do good and good works, yielding pleasure, giving consideration, extending or exchanging kindnesses and bringing benefit to those who are the recipients and beneficiaries of the exercise of their volition and ‘free will’. It is that God-given volition that creates the most profound dynamic in People, because at times, when People are operating in a ‘focused direction’ with the desire for the same outcomes or results, the harmonious and choral power of that focused energy is beautiful, symphonic, even melodic. However, when there are differences of opinions, poor communication or articulation of the purpose and objective of the group or organization, inflated super-egos or the need for Individualism against a group dynamic, there is a cacophony of discord that is often shrieking to the ears and disruptive to the flow of positive energy that is usually the initial opportunity when any one group joins together sans their biases.

Whatever Your Gift, Calling,Life’s Work, Assignment or Mission here on Earth is, whether local, national or universal, “IT” was given to You, but NOT to be accomplished or completed by YOU alone…WE must include the People in the fulfillment of ‘The Purpose’ who have been uniquely equipped to assist Us in making that dream,vision,purpose or intention realized. There are People in the world who have and will be placed in Your Pathway as your vision, purpose, assignment unfolds, that have ‘what You & Your Assignment Needs’ to be accomplished with excellence and produce the intended result. The phases of  ‘The Assignment’ will reveal the people with the level of skill necessary for the success of that phase. As You grow, learn, produce and heighten your awareness, ‘Your Skill Level’, wisdom and ‘know-how’  improves, summoning and attracting to You a ‘higher caliber’ of skilled persons, with the ‘know- how’ for that Next Dimension in your life and will ultimately produce a greater result, revealing to You greater insight of what you’re capable of. The quality of the outcome of any project is in direct correlation to the People involved in the project and their ability to produce at their capacity. Not every person will know how to entreat us at first, nor have our best interest at heart at all times. There will always be oppositional energies that either try to cause us to falter or give up on our vision when they cannot see it or resent the fact that they cannot see the same greatness and tenacity within themselves, but these People too have meaning, as they cause us as a result, to become stronger and often more resolute in reaching our goals and visions. There will be someone else in your ‘Next Assignment’ who’s waiting for You to realize Who You Are and gain clarity on What You’re Supposed to Accomplish so that ‘They May Assist You’!

It is through our trials,errors, corrections and disappointments with People, that We learn who We Are. People reveal to Us who we are because our way of relating to one another, which is our ‘relationships’, telling of our tolerance, patience, compassion, humility, ability to forgive or our lack thereof. We almost always want to disconnect with People or a person when we’ve been hurt, disappointed or injured, yet we have the intrinsic need to go share that pain and disappointment with another person or connect with new People to feel safe again.  God, in my opinion, is interesting in that we come into this world with the capacity and energy to function as separate entities, but we are most fulfilled and complete when we are serving, connecting to, communicating with and discovering who others are and the ways that we are similar and the things and desire we have in common. We have an intrinsic need to connect with People. Throughout and since the beginning of Time, there has been a dynamic of A Leader supported by a group of People. Everyone cannot be ‘The Leader’, nor can ‘The Leader’ exist without People to lead or support and execute ‘The Assignment’ he or she has been given to complete. The Bible even makes hundreds of references to Leaders treating People justly and People justly following the Leader to whom has been given authority or influence over them. People are designed to give and share of their energy, skills,talent and possessions to be viable in life. There is a scripture in Luke 6:38  that states: “Give, and it shall be given You; good measure,pressed down, and shaken together and running over, shall Men (Women) give into Your bosom. For the same measure that You give withal that You have, the same measure that You shall Receive back unto You again.”

There are People that You are assigned to assist as there are People who are assigned to assist You. We must learn the purpose of the People that come into our lives, whether it’ a temporary or seasonal interaction or a long-term assignment that we must assist them in fulfilling or that they are to assist Us towards completion. We must learn grace, meekness, temperance, kindness and forgiveness towards others, despite the vulnerabilities and pain that are inevitable from interacting with another human being with frailties, insecurities,fears and lack of experience or wisdom in certain situations we might find ourselves involved in or connected to with them. Productivity in what You came accomplish and perform on your own is Never an option, yet neither is the eventual need or interaction with People.

In This New Year 2011, (that I believe will be ‘The Year of Stability,Family,Abundance,Growth and the Manifestation of long-desired Visions’), I believe that it is imperative to perfect and bring out the best in You, so that Your Energy will summons, command and bring to You, ‘The People’ that are of the highest caliber and skill level, to assist You in releasing and Communicating To Your Greatness!(tm) 

Please remain connected with Us all Year 2011 as we have so many wonderful initiatives, product releases,events and ways to support and be of assistance to You, Your Corporation, or Organization. Let us know your experiences and thoughts with ‘People’.  Please visit our Website and Join Our Newsletter: , Purchase our Book or Audio CD: “Communicate With Power In Life,Love and Business To Access Your Greatness!”  send us an email at:, or book an Individual Consulting/Executive Coaching Session or keep us in mind for Your Next Event where you need a Keynote Speaker or Leadership Trainer in Communications, Diversity,Conflict Resolution, Women’s or Teen Issues or Empowerment. QA Enterprises,LLC and Abigail Moats,The Communication Expert, want to be here for You! Please remain in touch with Us and come back to ‘Our Corner Soon’!

 Blessings and Continued Success and a Most Prosperous and Amazing 2011 to You and The People To Whom You Are Connected Towards Your Greatness!!


The Communication Expert

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*Making Choices That Lead To Daily Victories….STOP Being Afraid Of YOUR Success!

As I Train Leaders, Consult, Develop, Mentor, Inform And EmPower Others In My Business, QA Enterprises,LLC, Most People I Come Across Are So Afraid To Not Only ‘Begin’ Towards Their Success In Life, They Are Also Afraid To ‘Continue’ To Completion or accessing “IT”. What I’ve Discovered Is That Most People Are Actually ‘Afraid Of Their OWN SUCCESS’?!?

I Find That If People Don’t Experience A Significant Number Of Successes Within A Certain Timeframe In Their Lives To Combat The ‘Inevitables Of Life’, That They Become Expectant Of ‘Only Negatives’ and Forget Or Are ‘UnConscious’ Of When They Are Actually Having Success! There Is Something To Be Said Of ‘Rewarding or Celebrating YOURSELF’….YOU Must Never Only ‘Wait’ For SomeOne Else To ‘Tell You’ You Did A Great Job.

 Sure, It’s Great To Be Rewarded,Recognized and ReSpected By Others, But, What If “Those People” You’ve Deemed As The Ones Whose ‘Words or Thoughts’ Have All The Value About ‘You’ Or Another Situation, Decide That ‘They’ Never Want To Acknowledge ‘You’, Due To Their Either ‘Sheer Lack Of Awareness’ Of Your Efforts,Contributions,Faithfulness,Accessibility, Because They’ve Just ‘Gotten Accustomed To You’; OR, Their Own InSecurities and ‘Fears’ Dominate Them And ‘They Think’, That If They Acknowledge YOU,That That Acknowledgement Of YOU, Takes Away For ‘Them’? So, YOU Remain Patient,Timid,disheveled, Disappointed, Insecure and Frustrated, Hoping, Waiting,Praying, Taking ‘Anxiety Meds’, Biting Your Nails, Cursing, Smoking Or Drinking Too Much, Because ‘One Day In The By & By’….That “They” Will Have A ‘Change Of Heart or Consciousness’???

While I Am Not Suggesting To Start A ‘narcissistic YOU FEST’, { I Do Believe In Scriptures That Tell’s Us To ‘Wait Until Your ‘Season’}, I Am Stating, That On ‘Your Own’, Without The Need Of Another’s ‘Permission, Approval Or Acceptance’ Of YOU, That YOU, Can and Should Celebrate YOU, DAILY.

I’ve Created An Acronym For The Word “D-A-I-L-Y“: D-(eliberately)-A(Acknowledge)-I(ntentions)-L(ed By)-Y(ourSelf)! So, If YOU Practice “D-A-I-L-Y” In Your Life, Things That Matter To You & Accomplish And Complete That Task Or Area Of Interest Or Passion Of Yours, You’ve Had A ‘VICTORY’ For That Day And ‘IT’ Is Worthy Of Celebration,Acknowledgement, A Pat On ‘Your Own Back’, A ‘Dance Or A Jig’ In ‘Your Mirror’, A ‘High-Five’, A ‘You GO GIRL or BOY’, An Ice-Cream Cone, Your Favorite Activity Or Just A Silent Moment Of Gratitude.

YOU Deserve To Acknowledge YOUR Abilities To Make Choices That Lead To ‘D-A-I-L-Y’ Victories and STOP Waiting……………………………………………………………………For ‘SomeOne Else?’ To Acknowledge YOU & To Realize That YOU, Create SUCCESS EveryDay, Your Way, Using YOUR LIFE!  Keep Winning,Each Victory Gets Sweeter & Allows YOU To Challenge YourSelf and Grow,Developing Your Skills, Sharpening Your Abilities and Allows YOU To GO To New Heights & Depths, You’ve Never Taken YOURSelf Before. Begin TODAY, Why? Because This Is ‘The Only Moment’ YOU Own Right Now, LIVE IT!

Love,Blessings,Success & Peace On Your Daily Journey. Until ‘The Next Conversation’……

Abigail,The Communication Expert-Called To “Help YOU And Your Organizations “Communicate To Greatness”!(TM)

Leadership & Sales Trainer, Marketing Strategist,Professional Speaker, Author,Consultant, Human Developer, Lover Of People, Believer Of God. *If YOU Or Your Organizations Are In Need Of The Services Mentioned, Please Go To: Or Email Us:

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