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*Making Choices That Lead To Daily Victories….STOP Being Afraid Of YOUR Success!

As I Train Leaders, Consult, Develop, Mentor, Inform And EmPower Others In My Business, QA Enterprises,LLC, Most People I Come Across Are So Afraid To Not Only ‘Begin’ Towards Their Success In Life, They Are Also Afraid To ‘Continue’ To Completion or accessing “IT”. What I’ve Discovered Is That Most People Are Actually ‘Afraid Of Their OWN SUCCESS’?!?

I Find That If People Don’t Experience A Significant Number Of Successes Within A Certain Timeframe In Their Lives To Combat The ‘Inevitables Of Life’, That They Become Expectant Of ‘Only Negatives’ and Forget Or Are ‘UnConscious’ Of When They Are Actually Having Success! There Is Something To Be Said Of ‘Rewarding or Celebrating YOURSELF’….YOU Must Never Only ‘Wait’ For SomeOne Else To ‘Tell You’ You Did A Great Job.

 Sure, It’s Great To Be Rewarded,Recognized and ReSpected By Others, But, What If “Those People” You’ve Deemed As The Ones Whose ‘Words or Thoughts’ Have All The Value About ‘You’ Or Another Situation, Decide That ‘They’ Never Want To Acknowledge ‘You’, Due To Their Either ‘Sheer Lack Of Awareness’ Of Your Efforts,Contributions,Faithfulness,Accessibility, Because They’ve Just ‘Gotten Accustomed To You’; OR, Their Own InSecurities and ‘Fears’ Dominate Them And ‘They Think’, That If They Acknowledge YOU,That That Acknowledgement Of YOU, Takes Away For ‘Them’? So, YOU Remain Patient,Timid,disheveled, Disappointed, Insecure and Frustrated, Hoping, Waiting,Praying, Taking ‘Anxiety Meds’, Biting Your Nails, Cursing, Smoking Or Drinking Too Much, Because ‘One Day In The By & By’….That “They” Will Have A ‘Change Of Heart or Consciousness’???

While I Am Not Suggesting To Start A ‘narcissistic YOU FEST’, { I Do Believe In Scriptures That Tell’s Us To ‘Wait Until Your ‘Season’}, I Am Stating, That On ‘Your Own’, Without The Need Of Another’s ‘Permission, Approval Or Acceptance’ Of YOU, That YOU, Can and Should Celebrate YOU, DAILY.

I’ve Created An Acronym For The Word “D-A-I-L-Y“: D-(eliberately)-A(Acknowledge)-I(ntentions)-L(ed By)-Y(ourSelf)! So, If YOU Practice “D-A-I-L-Y” In Your Life, Things That Matter To You & Accomplish And Complete That Task Or Area Of Interest Or Passion Of Yours, You’ve Had A ‘VICTORY’ For That Day And ‘IT’ Is Worthy Of Celebration,Acknowledgement, A Pat On ‘Your Own Back’, A ‘Dance Or A Jig’ In ‘Your Mirror’, A ‘High-Five’, A ‘You GO GIRL or BOY’, An Ice-Cream Cone, Your Favorite Activity Or Just A Silent Moment Of Gratitude.

YOU Deserve To Acknowledge YOUR Abilities To Make Choices That Lead To ‘D-A-I-L-Y’ Victories and STOP Waiting……………………………………………………………………For ‘SomeOne Else?’ To Acknowledge YOU & To Realize That YOU, Create SUCCESS EveryDay, Your Way, Using YOUR LIFE!  Keep Winning,Each Victory Gets Sweeter & Allows YOU To Challenge YourSelf and Grow,Developing Your Skills, Sharpening Your Abilities and Allows YOU To GO To New Heights & Depths, You’ve Never Taken YOURSelf Before. Begin TODAY, Why? Because This Is ‘The Only Moment’ YOU Own Right Now, LIVE IT!

Love,Blessings,Success & Peace On Your Daily Journey. Until ‘The Next Conversation’……

Abigail,The Communication Expert-Called To “Help YOU And Your Organizations “Communicate To Greatness”!(TM)

Leadership & Sales Trainer, Marketing Strategist,Professional Speaker, Author,Consultant, Human Developer, Lover Of People, Believer Of God. *If YOU Or Your Organizations Are In Need Of The Services Mentioned, Please Go To: Or Email Us:

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*TODAY!Begin The Necessary Things You’ve Been Avoiding.

Good Day To YOU,WelCome To My ‘Other New Location’ Supporter,Friend or Curious:}:

There Is ‘Never A Time Like The Present’, Because ‘This’ Is The Moment You’ve Been Given.  We All Love To ‘Plan’, But Most People Just Use That Title To ‘procrastinate’ From The Things That Need YOUR ATTENTION NOW. The Business Idea That Needs ‘Some Legs’=Writing Down; That Opportunity You Were Extended By That Gracious Individual To ‘Sit-Down’ & Discuss Your Vision More, Needs A ‘Call-Back’. That ‘Other Book’ That Needs ‘A Few More Chapters’ (Okay, I Had To ‘Include  MySelf’ At Some Point); That Call To Begin Searching For An Assistant So That YOU Are No Longer OverWhelmed w. Every-Thing; That ‘HeartFelt’ (Gingerly)  ConVersation That You’re Afraid To Have w.Your Co-Worker,Upper-Level Manager,Spouse or Loved One; And Any ‘Other’s’ That YOU Or WE Have Been ‘Avoiding’, Needs To Be Done,Moved Upon,Receive YOUR Energy,Attention,Deliberation & Focus ToDAY!

Your PROGress May Amaze You,Your Completion Of The ‘Set Task’ Could Even Liberate YOU To ‘New’, (Previously UnSeen From YOURSelf), Heights Of Accomplishment,Satisfaction, Make You Realize ‘Just How Amazing YOU Really Are’ and YOU May Even FINISH What YOU Begin!…..Wow,That’s A ‘Novel Idea’, Since Most EveryOne Likes To ‘Plan’ As Mostly A ‘Cover’ For That BIG WORD—–PRO-CrasT-iNation. Let’s Start Being ‘A Nation’ That Stops ‘Crassting’ And Begin To Become “PRO’s” In Actualizing & Utilizing Our Talents And Giftings! GO FOR IT TODAY!

Thanks For Stopping By ‘My Corner’,Please ‘Comment’ & Visit Me Often & Check On My ‘PROGress’ and *Please Let Me Know What Things ‘YOU’ Are Committed To Not Only Finishing, But No Longer Avoiding!

*Remember I Can HELP YOU,If You Need Help Leadership or Sales Training,Business Developement and Branding, Communication Consulting,A Professional Speaker For Your Next Business Event,Organization’s or Church’s Special Conference Or Women’s & Teens Group. Consider “The Communication Expert”,Abigail.

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**EveryThing Begins & Ends w. A “ConVerSation”,ConVerse 1st w/Abigail, “The Communication Expert”!


Abigail,”The Communication Expert”

“Hello World!”, Welcome To “The Communication Expert’s Corner”-Please ‘Settle In’ w/ Me:}

It Took Some Time For ‘Me’,The Communication Expert, To Decide Upon “This Blog’s” Inception. Yet, It Felt Inevitable, Necessary, A Bit OverPowering At Moments, But Most Of All, Just ‘Right’….”Right” To Let YOU In.Who Are “YOU”??….”YOU” Are: My New Potential Friends, Supporters,Critics and Critical, Curious and Courageous, Cunning and Crafty, Yet Most Important To ME, Is That YOU,Want To COMMUNE-NI-Cate.

 “YOU” Want To Be Heard,Seen,Felt,Understood,Touched,Impacted,Moved To Change,Moved Thru Change and Possess The Amazing Capability and Somewhat ‘Magical,Whimsical,Influential Power’ To Make Others Move And Change Into Our Deepest Fantasies,Thoughts,Desires,Hopes and Dreams,Powerful Enough To OverPower Our Deepest Fears,Nightmares and Catastrophes.
We Hope That YOU Will Follow Us,COMMUNE-NI-CATE With Us, Share Your PerSpectives,Opinions and Suggestions. WE Are Going GLOBAL & To “The TOP” Of Our GOD-Given,LimitLess Heights,Depths and Dimensions. Welcome,YOU Are Welcomed HERE, In MY “CORNER”,THE COMMUNICATION EXPERT’s CORNER, Kick Off ‘Your Shoes’,Grab Some ‘Herbal Tea’, & Let’s DisH!:}

Until The ‘Next Conversation’,Love,Peace,Abundance and Joy!
Abigail,The Communication Expert

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